Sneaky Ways To Include Sports In Your Wedding

Finding sneaky ways to include sports in your wedding day allows die-hard sports fans to add the most important part of their kinship—fanhood.

Getting married is one of the most important events of your life. But will it compare to your favorite team overcoming the odds of winning a championship? Use the passion for each other and your fanhood with these sneaky ways to include sports in your wedding.

Invitations/Save-the-Date Cards

One of the most important aspects of every wedding is the save-the-date cards and invitations. Since this is the first thing your friends and family will see regarding your wedding, you want to set the tone of what they can expect. Ideally, these will have subtle references for the rest of their wedding, including the colors and the overall vibe.

If you’re a giant sports fan and your favorite teams are integral to your union, you can include that in these refrigerator decorations, particularly the save-the-date cards. A wedding invitation should be formal, but you can get goofy with save-the-dates. Jerseys with your last name and the number being the date are one idea that’s easy and fun.

Hidden Garments

Whether you are the bride in your gorgeous dress or the groom in your rented tuxedo, everyone and everything looks extravagant. So it can be challenging to incorporate your favorite teams into your attire. However, there are opportunities to sneak some things in.

While it’s typical for men to wear black socks with their snazzy dress pants, there are no rules to say you can’t rock black socks with your favorite team’s logo. Brides can sport a necklace or include something with their garter or bouquet, letting everyone know that no one should invite them to do anything on Sundays.

Party Favors

The goody bags for your lovely guests are an ample opportunity to put sports in the spotlight. Koozies are inexpensive and customizable for future parties, and tailgate accessories are wonderful because they are practical to use. You don’t want to fill goody bags full of things nobody wants. So think outside the box on the way to declare your love for the game that others will adore.

Reception Entrance

The ever-so-fun wedding reception entrance is the ultimate opportunity to incorporate your favorite sports or team into your wedding day. The entrance is the one thing most people remember about the big day, and it’s your one chance to live out your childhood dreams. For once, you are the center of attention, like the quarterback on your favorite team; it’s your time to give everyone in attendance a moment to remember. The psychological high of imitating your favorite athlete running out of the tunnel will be second to none.

We hope these sneaky ways to include sports in your wedding can appease any happy couple. And if you want to please all the partygoers, don’t do a fall wedding on the weekend. And if you do, do it on a Friday because Saturday and Sunday are for football.

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