Somiar men’s shoes find the perfect pair for your wedding

With men, you often see that they only have a pair of shoes. One for the gym, one for work and one for private. Women usually have 5 variations for every occasion. So when you get married here are some tips for men for buying Somiar wedding shoes.

Tip 1: material selection

Go for good quality leather shoes. Choose a shoe with a leather or wooden sole from Somiar. They are handcrafted in Spain so you are sure of the best quality. Although the sole covers a small part of the shoe, you immediately see that the finish is a lot more stylish. And women pay attention to details, especially on a day like this.

When you have invested in a new pair of men’s’ shoes, make sure to walk them in for a few days before the big day. This way the leather of your shoes becomes a lot smoother and the shape better adapts to the shape of your foot. After all, you don’t want blisters on the happiest day of your life. In addition, it is advisable to sand the bottom of your shoes slightly to prevent slipping. This can be done with sandpaper or by walking into your shoes on rougher surfaces.

Tip 2: color

Although in my ideal picture my husband puts on black-colored lace-up shoes during our wedding, I understand that others see brown shoes as an attractive option. Black shoes and men’s boots are seen as the best choice if you want to go for a traditional look. Whether you go for a suit, tuxedo, dress suit or other black formal dress.

Medium to dark brown leather boots is an excellent choice for navy blue outfits. This shoe is also ideal for a more casual look, especially chinos. Other color options that go well with brown lace-up shoes are burgundy or a deep green color.

Tip 3: shoe style

It may not come as a surprise if I tell you that there is a huge selection of different lace-up shoes. The following shoes are the most suitable for the groom, with some exceptions.

The oxford: this type of shoe is considered by many to be the most formal lace-up shoe and, unlike the derby, is characterized in particular around the lip of the shoe. The oxford here has stitches and consists of one piece instead of superiors, as in the derby.

The loafer: is actually a container term for a range of entry shoes. Although many variants are not suitable for formal clothing, loafers can certainly be found that do meet this requirement and therefore fit perfectly with a wedding.

The derby: is a little less formal than the oxford, leather shoes that you can wear under both a suit and jeans. Multifunctional. This shoe is characterized by the two leather flaps that fall over the lip. The flaps are stitched, but not stitched to the rest of the shoes. You pull the flaps together by pulling the laces tight. In terms of cost, the derby is the most efficient, because men can now wear these shoes in combination with casual clothing.

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