Stabilised flowers – optimal and eco way to decorate your wedding

No wedding without flowers. In addition to the indispensable bridal bouquet and the classic corsages, flower decorations provide atmosphere throughout your entire wedding day. Flowers give a lot of ambience and color to the wedding day, ideal if the location can use some extra decoration!

But all that colorful natural beauty costs quite a bit because it requires intensive craftsmanship and flowers don’t last for long. Don’t worry there is an eco-friendly solution. With stabilized flowers you will be able to reuse your flowers again and it includes minimal maintenance. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the advantages of using stabilised flowers for wedding decorations and bouquets and highlight Artus Loescher Flower Gallery as a top premium florist offering such compositions.

stabilized flowers

What are stabilized flowers?

Stabilised flowers are natural flowers that have been treated with a special solution to keep them fresh and looking beautiful for an extended period. The process involves removing the water content from the flowers and replacing it with a glycerin-based solution. This process allows the flowers to maintain their shape and colour for up to several months, making them ideal for wedding decorations and bouquets.

The advantages of stabilized flowers

One of the advantages of using stabilised flowers is that they require minimal maintenance. Unlike fresh flowers that need regular watering and care, stabilised flowers can simply be placed in their desired location and left to shine. This makes them an ideal choice for busy brides and wedding planners who want stunning flower arrangements without the added stress of maintenance.

Stabilised flowers also offer more flexibility in terms of design. Since they can maintain their shape and colour for a long time, they can be used to create intricate designs and arrangements that would be difficult to achieve with fresh flowers. This allows for more creativity and customisation when it comes to wedding decorations and bouquets.

Another advantage of using stabilised flowers is that they are eco-friendly. Since they can be used multiple times, they reduce the need for constant replacements and waste. This makes them a sustainable and responsible choice for wedding decorations and bouquets.

Florist Artus Loescher Flower Gallery

Artus Loescher Flower Gallery is a top premium florist that offers stunning compositions from stabilised flowers. They have a wide selection of flowers and designs to choose from, ensuring that every bride and wedding planner can find the perfect arrangement for their special day. With their high-quality products and exceptional service, Artus Loescher Flower Gallery is a top choice for anyone looking for stabilised flower arrangements for their wedding.

In conclusion, stabilised flowers are an excellent choice for wedding decorations and bouquets. They offer several advantages, including minimal maintenance, flexibility in design, sustainability, and long-lasting beauty. If you’re looking for premium quality stabilised flower arrangements, be sure to check out Artus Loescher Flower Gallery. Their stunning compositions are sure to add a touch of elegance and beauty to your special day.

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