Stand Out From Other Brides To Be

It can be hard to pull off a unique wedding look when there are so many other brides to be picking similar dresses, rings, and makeup looks. In fact, you can often be unforgettable as you end up being a carbon copy of other brides. But it doesn’t have to be the case if you make sure you go for unique styles for your big day. In fact, here are some great ways you can ensure you stand out from other brides to be.

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Pick a non-traditional dress

A lot of girls opt for a traditional floor-length white number for their big day. After all, a lot of girls dream of that beautiful wedding dress which makes them look like a princess. But if you want to ensure you stand out from other brides to be, you should opt for a non-traditional dress for the wedding. It might be the case you go for a different color rather than a classic white. A yellow or even pink wedding dress will turn heads when you walk down the aisle. Or you might want to go for a shorter length than a long dress. If you have killer legs, now is the time to show them off! And remember to always look for a less common brand. You should search online or even ask a dressmaker to create you a gorgeous dress so that it really is a one-off!

Go for a unique ring

It’s so easy to go for a classic ring for your wedding day. After all, there are so many beautiful silver or gold rings which would be beautiful. But if you want to stand out against other brides, you want something a bit different. Skip the high street store and look online for brands who do custom designs. After all, they do stunning gems which will help your ring finger to stand out on your big day. And if you are unsure about a brand, you can read a review blog like to find out more. That way, you know you can buy a ring from them without worrying you will end up with a rubbish piece of bling. And ensure you pick something which will look great next to your engagement ring.

Pick bold headwear

It’s most common for a bride to be to opt for a veil or a tiara for their wedding day. After all, they are the most classic options which will look stunning with your dress. But if you want to ensure your bridal look is memorable, you should opt for something else boldier as a piece of headwear. For instance, you might want to go for a fascinator for something different with your dress. Or you could go for a flower hair garland for your big day. It’s great if you want a chilled out and hippy vibe for your big day. And you can even make your own by looking on sites like One simple flower can also look effective if you want something chic and demure for your big day!

And remember to ensure you are smiling on your big day. Cut the nerves, and you will be a memorable bride!


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