Start the new season with this activewear style guide

This new season the gyms are slowly filling up. It’s time to get back to work and train those extra kilos off! Fit and healthy into the new season, and that in the perfect sports outfit! But, what is the perfect activewear and leggings? I researched it for you and chose my personal top favorite outfits! And let them be comfortable, sturdy, sweat and squat proof in addition to being fun. From a soothing yoga class to an intensive (kick) boxing class, there are plenty of outfits to wear with your favorite sport.

  “Comfortable, squat proof and a beautiful design are key when looking for the perfect activewear!”

The versatile high waist legging

My absolute number 1! The fit high waist leggings are extremely comfortable and can be styled in several ways! For example, I don’t only wear these leggings with a top to the gym, but also with a good sweater, leather jacket, and cool sneakers to the city! Perfect to go to the supermarket, to wear while traveling, training or just to wear at home.

When wearing these leggings you will immediately realize why you voluntarily train your buttocks three times a week, because you will be so happy with your glutes in these leggings! In addition to the cool color, these high waist leggings are designed in such a way that the emphasis is on slimming and making your curves come forward. Your glutes and waist are fully accentuated by the conscious use of the lines. Hello hourglass figure!

I also really like that the waist of the leggings is very high. So high that you could wear the leggings two ways. Both high waist and with the waist folded down once. This seamless high waist legging corrects your figure and stays in place during every exercise.

Activewear for yoga

The Yoga clothes you wear can be more important than you might think at first. Just as you invest in various activewear, it is also highly recommended to look at the right Yoga clothing. Yoga is therefore not only about a good Yoga mat and various aids, but also the clothes you wear. If you use fine Yoga clothing, you are better able to perform Yoga. You experience less discomfort and are less easily distracted. The less external stimuli and discomfort you experience, the better you are able to do your Yoga class better.

In yoga you move a lot, in a flow. Therefore, wear yoga sets that do not restrict you. Clothing that is too tight is very uncomfortable. Fitting clothing for Power Yoga is very nice, because then no trouser legs or pieces of fabric from a spacious shirt can get in the way during the asanas. Moreover, fitting clothing stays in place during a yoga class.

Pants or leggings for Power Yoga: Choose a fitted yoga sports pants or yoga sports leggings. You can move well in it and a teacher can also see whether your legs are properly aligned during a pose. That’s harder to see in wide pants.

Yoga bra: it is wise to wear a bra during an intensive yoga class. A regular sports bra is usually too tight around the chest, so you cannot breathe freely (one of the most important elements of Ashtanga and Power Yoga). A good Yoga bra is therefore a good investment.

Yoga tops and t-shirts: Also with outerwear, keep in mind that you will probably sweat. If you wear that cotton you will see sweat stains. A sports top or sports t-shirt for yoga are better in this case.

Invest in quality items

There is a perfect match for everyone in the field of active wear. Think carefully about which features your sports clothing should meet. It is always nice to invest in items that are not only beautiful, but can also be worn for different sports.

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