Steps to Transform Your Wedding Photos into Canvas Prints 

From the grand proposal to finally saying “I do,” there are many memorable moments on this day. Interestingly, your photographers are there to capture every bit of the moment. You will be able to look back at these photos and reignite the impressive memories. 

Do you know there are better ways of keeping the memories of your big day checking through old and dusty photo albums? You can make your wedding pictures into canvas prints. Besides the fact that it helps you preserve your big day’s memory, it can help you create a magical display on your wall. 

Making wedding photos into canvas prints is worth the effort. Do you think getting started or making this a reality is a hassle? You might be having a wrong impression. Read on to find out easy steps to help you transform your wedding photos into canvas prints. 

STEP 1: Choose the Right Image

The first step in transforming your wedding photos into canvas prints is to choose the right image. Figure out ideas that match the beauty of the love you share. You can opt for impressive moments you wish to engrave. 

STEP 2: Find Suitable Printing Services 

The final quality of your prints, timely delivery, and the actualization of this transformation is dependent on the printing services you choose. It is best to opt for reliable and trusted service like the ElephantStock. You can check out their customer services, terms and conditions of operation, and various customer reviews. 

STEP 3: Place Your Order 

Once you figure out and contact the right printing services, you need to place your orders. Send your preferred image to the printing service you choose through the appropriate channel. 

Also, you have to make some specifications in terms of size and the likes. The company will notify you of the processing and delivery duration. You would have to make payments, depending on how much you are charged. 

STEP 4: Accept Your Delivery 

Most printing companies take responsibility for the delivery. Some of them even offer free delivery, while you might have to pay certain charges in some cases. The bottom line is getting your prints safe and intact. Take your time to inspect the canvas prints to ensure that there are no errors or mix-ups anywhere! 

Advantages of Using Canvas Prints 

Using canvas prints has loads of benefits. Some of the core advantages include;

  • Canvas prints offer quality texture and color depth 
  • The image printed on canvas prints is permanent 
  • Canvas prints are lightweight and do not make glare or reflection 
  • Canvas is one of the most affordable options for large prints 
  • The vibrant colors of the canvas are long-lasting and beautifying 

Final Thoughts 

The wedding day remains one of the most cherished moments in human life. There are image captures many quality and romantic moments. Transforming these images to canvas prints will help you keep them engraved forever.

Aside from preserving the memories, you will also get a unique decorative element for your home. Making your wedding images into canvas prints is relatively easy. Follow the steps above to make it happen, and feel free to explore! 

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