Store Your Jewelry in Creative Ways


A girl can never have too many jewelries, but this means you have to make up some room for your ever-growing jewelry collection. Bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories and body jewelry need to be stored in a safe place, where you can easily pick them up and add them to your outfit. If you are looking for a cute outfit to match your favorite jewelry check out Here is a list of inspirational and highly creative solutions for storing your blings.


A simple hanger can be easily turned into a jewelry storage device. To turn a hanger into a storage device you just have to find a wooded hanger and place eye hooks on it. You can boost the hanger by painting it in a beautiful color, to suit its new role.

Painted twigs

For this small project you need a couple of twigs or wire, paint and a wood board. Secure the twigs or wire on the board, then paint the ensemble and use it to store your jewelry.

A variation of this is the mini-toy board: instead of twigs, you just glue halves of miniature toys on the wood board, and then use the ensemble to hang your jewelry. For more support, you can secure the toys in place with screws.

Layered trays

Use multiple trays or plates and glasses to create interesting jewelry storage. Take one tray or plate and put the glass upside down, in the middle of it, securing it with glue. Repeat the process a couple of times and you have your new jewelry storage ensemble. To boost it, paint it with golden paint.

Game of Jenga

If your old Jenga game is gathering dust, you can transform it into a storage device for your jewelry. Use your creativity to place the blocks as functional as possible.

Antler board

Antlers have a natural shape that makes the perfect for storing your jewelry on them. However, they would look strange on the table, so secure them with screws on a board and paint the tips in an elegant shade, like golden or silver.

Kitchen accessories

When you enter your kitchen, you can find a lot of items that can be re-purposed as jewelry storage devices. The cutlery tray already has compartments, so all you need is some paint and couple of screws, to secure it in your boudoir. Add knobs and hooks to it, and then enjoy your new jewelry storage. Another item you can re-purpose is the utensil holder: if it can hold the spoons, it can also be transformed to hold the jewelry. Use candle holder or another item to elevate the utensil holder and then enjoy your new way to organize jewelry.

Cork board, your best friend

A simple cork board can be turned into the most creative and interesting jewelry holders. You can use it as it is, or add a frame to it. Another thing you can do is paint eh board; plain, solid color is an option, but you can also opt for more interesting patterns, to make the entire ensemble more interesting. This cork board can become your very own Pinterest boards, so you can style it anyway you wish to.



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