Style guide: What should I wear to a bridal shower?

bridal shower

When wedding season is upon us expect a bridal shower or wedding shower. Usually a group of girlfriends or bridesmaids organizes this day for the bride. A girly day to celebrate with friends and family. If you are invited to a bridal shower don’t forget to bring a special gift for the bride. Maybe you have no idea what to wear this exciting day, read on for some tips!

Modest and feminine
When you go a night out with your girlfriends its normal to wear high heels and a sexy cocktail dress or revealing top. But during a bridal shower its better to look a bit more conservative. You can still wear dresses or skirt but make sure they are a bit longer than your usual party dress. When you visit StyleWe you will find a great selection of clothes that you can wear during this day. The key for a good outfit is conservative, feminine and elegant.

Personality of the bride
If you still have trouble choosing the right outfit for a wedding shower think of the personality of the bride. Is she a romantic person, what does she usually wear? What is her style? Think of an outfit the bride would be happy with. Bright colors like pink or red or neutral shades like black and beige. Instead of standing out you want to blend in. A bridal shower is about the bride not about you so don’t overdo it.  You can wear a culottes pants for example instead of a short skirt shop it at low cost.

bridal shower

Time of day
It’s easier to choose an outfit if you know the time of the bridal shower. If the event is during the day a modest day dress will do. When its held in the evening you can wear a bit more glamorous outfit. For example with one of these black crop tops. Just make sure you keep your outfit feminine instead of sexy.

Who is going to attend this event?
You can get a better idea what to wear when you know who is going to be there. Is it just friends, family, only woman or are man invited too. When you know who’s going to attend visit JustFashionNow for feminine outfits perfect for any bridal event! If you need more tips about fashion and gifts visit this blog Christmas Gifts idea for kids.


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