Suits Revisited. Mens Fashion Blogs Suggest Modern Men Are Daring

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The modern man is savvy, bold, and even extravagant. He’s Not willing to be confined by expectations of old trends. There certainly is an increase in men being exceptionally independent in style. Modern men are really experimenting with colorful styles that are not shy of great quality. This is a result of years of the same styles of suits being worn. There’s really a vibrant and ultra high end style of fashion that truly is ahead of bland styles. It’s nice to know that increasingly, men are daring, capable of pairing patterns together, and confident enough wear them regularly! PILAEO mens fashion blog constantly talks about the redefining of mens fashion in a way that really isn’t expected and even accepted as the norm. Suit jackets with vibrant prints such as floral, and plaid are designed with a huge variety of materials that make fashion forward gentlemen have more accessibility to the very styles they enjoy wearing. Here we will detail different styles of mens suit jackets that top mens magazines and fashion blogs are constantly raving about.
Luxury Blazer

The colorful, beautiful suit jackets that fashionable men are blogging about.

Patterned Suit Jackets

Elegant mens style has been a great way to be ahead of runway trends. Patterned suit jackets are usually always bold and daring. And really able to put a more modern stance on menswear. A stark contrast from elegant style and bland traditional mens suits are about the colorful prints and looks that make modern style bold – patterns that have artsy appeal! Luxury mens fashion with patterns that are ahead of regular styles are the exact styles that are touted on the blogs and magazines, and perfectly so!

Sleek fit, combined with prints and patterns that reveal how innovative modern stye can really be, are what suit jackets that have an extremely vibrant, and bold look are about! Mens fashion magazines that display the quality and colorful craftsmanship of new, modern high-end brands such as PILAEO, and their elegant, high-end PILAEO blazers, are doing only a service to the industry by promoting the designs that really are innovating. The daring nature of gentlemen who are not shying away from bold styles are what’s pushing luxury brands, blogs and celebrities to acknowledge creativity even more than before!


There aren’t too many suit jackets out there that have a reputation for being solely reserved for evenings and dinner. The high quality shimmer, look, and feel of velvet, makes fashionable gentlemen look elegant during evening. Velvet has absolutely become synonymous with luxury mens fashion. Actually, the velvet blazer is one of the must have essentials that every stylish man has. The velvet blazer is certainly a design that is made with a variety of styles, and really ahead of trends that are often fleeting.

If threre’s one particular style that can stand the test of time, and be modern and high-end with it’s own luxury look and feel , the velvet blazer is it. Some gentlemen enjoy wearing designs that appear daring, but the thing is that they often are not staples. Furthermore, velvet blazers that have prints, and patterns that are bold, are not only great conversation starters, but when they are coupled up with the velvet material, you can certainly be assured that the quality is exceptionally high end, a must have, really often coming from a high end brand.

The Factor Of Quality And Superb Style

The superb style and quality that modern gentleman expect from blazers that are made by luxury brands are nothing less than what’s seen on the runway, and of the highest quality. The factor of quality and superb style makes mens blogs and magazines decide which brands are more innovative and lasting. It’s come to a certain time in mens fashion where certain brands, have the clout to create whole trends, and influence the way men are dressing. Superb style from celebrities and fashion leaders of the world who can embrace great quality are the movers and innovators of apparel for the modern guy.

Summing Up

Modern men are daring in style, and really are more open and daring to experimenting with designs that are fashion-forward all while embracing the aspect of quality that traditional style has always adhered by. The quality, style, and various prints of high-end apparel companies are pushing brands to really be the ultimate leaders in the fashion industry. If you are interested in staying ahead of the fashion for men that’s at the forefront of the industry, then embracing patterns, quality, style, and fit first will ensure that you’re shopping for the exact styles that the best blogs and magazines for men are all raving about. You can get an impressively attractive pattern suit , and a look that you’ll look great in whether its, brunch, or dinner, effortlessly with the aforementioned tips. Ultimately, it all comes down to embracing style, and embracing quality!

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