Surprise your guests with an original wedding video invitation

The time has finally come; you’re getting married! You have been looking forward to this event for years and now it is finally that time. You have to organize a wedding and that requires a lot of preparation. One of the most important aspects to consider is the wedding invitation. Do you want to be unique in your wedding invitation? Do you want to surprise your guests with a nice, personal message? You can do this with your own film.  It’s fun to make a video as a wedding invitation.

Wedding video invitation

A video invitation is unique and the invitees will certainly get excited about it. Wedding videos are usually very expensive and using online video creation service it is affordable to create professional videos. Also for reselling.You can experiment with all of the templates free of charge.

Ideas for your video

Consider a look back in time, where you see fragments of past late or the place where you first met. Or choose a humorous piece full of jokes and pranks. Of course you can also go for basic. With a video you are already original anyway. People take the time to view your message and everyone really sees your face. Try to have a concrete idea ready in advance, otherwise the stuttering on the image will create a lot of extra work. Another tip is to give your guests some hints about the rest of the wedding so they have an idea what to expect. With the video creator from you can do it in 3 easy steps. Choose 1 of the beautiful designed templates. Step 2 insert your text, photo or music. Step 3 generate the video.

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