Sweet Treats: Fun Ideas for Desserts at Your Wedding

Looking for the perfect sweet treats for your special day? Consider these tasty and fun ideas for your wedding dessert! There’s a delicious option for everyone.

The perfect wedding requires a lot of careful planning as you decide on your venue, décor, main course, and more. A lot of couples offer cake at their wedding, but this isn’t always ideal for everyone. Some people don’t care for cake; other times, cake alone isn’t enough. We’ve listed some fun ideas for desserts at your wedding so that you can decide on the perfect sweet treats!


Who doesn’t love a good cookie? It’s easy to offer various flavors to ensure everyone can find something they love. You can use a traditional flavor, like chocolate chip, or have decorated sugar cookies with your and your partner’s initials iced on them. A cookie is easy to grab and take on the dance floor as you party the night away. Everyone can also take seconds without experiencing major sugar crashes later.


Rather than put out various pastries or a single option, pick out some tasty candy with your partner—offer all your favorites to reflect the two of you. You can give guests small mason jars or drawstring bags to fill with candy. This great option allows everyone to take what they’d like and eat at their leisure while also having some sweets to enjoy at home!


Another fun idea for desserts at your wedding is to serve nice, gooey brownies. You can’t top gourmet flavors like salted caramel, red velvet, blondies, and brookies! Like cookies, these treats are easy to grab and enjoy on the go, so your guests don’t have to break away from partying.


You can serve brownies as your dessert or as a sweet party favor for guests.Many baking-related companies sell individually wrapped brownies. You can purchase these and give them to guests at the end of the night so they can enjoy something sweet at home.

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You’ll rarely go wrong with wedding cake, and there are a few ways to make yours even more special. Consider having at least two flavors to alternate through the tiers if you have a tiered cake. Additionally, look at different designs and consider incorporating flowers or toppers that go with your theme. You could also make your cake more unique by choosing a different shape, such as a heart. You could also base the form and design on your interests, like a suitcase-shaped cake if you both love to travel.

You could also serve cake in alternative ways, such as cupcakes and cake pops. What you do depends on your vision and preferences. Pick a dessert that you and your partner love. If you can’t decide on just one, nothing stops you from offering various delicious options!

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