The 5 Most Unique and Romantic Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for a wedding that “wows” and stays special in your memory forever, consider the five most unique and romantic wedding venue choices.

Your wedding day will live on in your memory and that of your future spouse for years to come. The day to seal your love for one another and commit to forever is not one you’ll soon forget. If you want a truly extraordinary affair for your wedding day, check out the five most unique and romantic wedding venues for your big day.

       5. An Art Studio

If you want to get married surrounded by beauty and culture, no place embodies both quite like a local art studio or gallery. If you and your betrothed happen to love supporting local artists, then renting a gallery space full of beautiful art is perfect for your big day. You can even commission some paintings to match the color scheme of your ceremony and take them home as commemorative pieces!

       4. A Campground

Maybe you and your fiancé are big into hiking and adventures. If that’s the case, an outdoor wedding might be perfect for you both. Renting a campground during its off-season is a great way to get outdoors and have a gorgeous ceremony surrounded by nature while still enjoying shelters and bathrooms for your guests.

       3. A Library

For the bookworms in love, what better place to tie the knot than a library? Most cities have immaculate libraries that you can rent for events. Surrounding yourselves with your favorite novels and a backdrop of rows and rows of books makes for some spectacular photos and memories.

       2. A Boat

If the two of you long to live at sea, a boat wedding is the ideal setting to commemorate your love for one another. Set sail in a yacht with your wedding party, and say, “I do,” as the waves calm the journey. The logistics of boat weddings can get tricky, so look up some tips on planning a boat wedding before committing—it’ll be so worth it!

1. A National Park

If you want to spend your wedding day in a picturesque place with stunning views from every angle, there is truly no better spot than a national park. You can typically rent an event space in a national park on a budget, and it already has tons of parking. Ensure that your guests are up for the hike to your venue—but assure them the views and photos will make the journey worth it.

These are the five most unique and romantic wedding venues you can set up for your big day.

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