The advantages of invisible braces

Do you want a better smile and straighter teeth? Wearing visible metal braces especially when you are an adult might not be the solution you were looking for. If you want to straighten your teeth without the traditional braces choose for transparent braces.

Invisalign has some major advantages over traditional dental braces. In the first place, it’s virtually invisible. Only people who are three centimeters away from you will see something. Or the people who know and will deliberately stare at it. The Invisalign brace is made of flexible, transparent plastic, so you will not notice that you are wearing a brace. During your first consultation, an X-ray is made or a print is made of your teeth. A treatment plan is compiled based on this information.

Remove when you want
Secondly, wearing Invisalign is much more comfortable than a brace. You can easily remove it when you eat or brush your teeth. You can take it off whenever you want for 2 hours a day. So you can enjoy your food and drinks without wearing a brace.

It hurts less than other braces. You can ask your friends who had the traditional metal braces and ask how comfortable it was wearing them. Probably not comfortable at all. The good thing is Invisalign doesn’t hurt at all.

The perfect diet friend

Another huge advantage for people that want to lose weight. The Invisalign is your perfect diet friend. You don’t want to take out the brace for every cookie, chocolate or other snacks.

Suitable for anyone

An invisible brace is suitable for almost anyone who wants straight teeth. You can wear the brace when your jaw is fully grown, this is usually from the age of 18 years. In very rare cases, an invisible brace is not suitable; for example, if there are extreme abnormalities in the teeth or if your gums are inflamed.

The end result is worth it
you’ve got something in your mouth and you will have to get used to it. But after a couple of days, the Invisalign feels comfortable and you will get used to your new routine. The end result is beautiful teeth without everyone seeing it. Perfect right!

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