Must read: The argument free marriage by Fawn Weaver

fawn weaver

When we nourish love, we nourish ourselves and we grow our bonds stronger, making marriage our greatest trophy and our source of joy and happiness.

Long-lasting love in marriage, mutual respect and collaboration between partners is a rarity. Or, is it? We are constantly bombarded with all the information about divorce rates, unhappy marriages and husbands or wives who end up hating each other and fighting all the time. But, is it possible that happy marriage is such a rarity? Is it possible that unhappiness and dissatisfaction are the only destinations of every marriage?  Fawn Weaver thinks not, and we absolutely support her idea. With Happy Wives Club, she and many other happy wives are raising the consciousness and teaching us that happy partnership is possible.

Cherish your partner

We all sometimes focus too much on the negative and the stress, that we forget to enjoy the gift of being with the person who is with us in our biggest ups and downs. We sometimes forget to appreciate the partnership we have. We forget to stop and enjoy the love we have been given and connection we have nourished for years. It is true, we forget to appreciate what we have, but, just like a nice cup of morning coffee, as Fawn Weaver says, marriage is something that can be enjoyed every day. Think of marriage as a house you are building over the years. If the walls are filled with quarrels and arguments, the house will break. But, if we build the house in partnership and joy, with our best friend, our choice partner, the walls will keep us safe and happy and will allow us to grow. Its all about our perspective and what we focus on. If we focus on love and friendship and cherish the fact that we are lucky to be with our partner, for all the qualities they possess that made us say yes at the altar, we will be able to truly enjoy marriage.

fawn weaver

The argument free marriage

Ups and downs

Not everything is perfect and we all have some ups and downs, some stressful and difficult battles to fight. But does your marriage have to be another place of those battles? The truth is, it can and should be the opposite. Dedication and time spent together, loving our partner with all their imperfections and being loved in return, building moments together, battling battles and going through hardships as winners, comforting each other, being there, growing together and choosing to be together. Take a second to thing about all of this. Think about your partner. When we nourish communication and mutual support, wonders can happen.

Marriage as a sanctuary

Remember that we create our realities and our marriage vibes. Marriage does not have to be a place you are forced to stay in. It can be your sanctuary, a place you are looking forward to going to after a long day, your safe zone of love and support. When we nourish love, we nourish ourselves and we grow our bonds stronger, making marriage our greatest trophy and our source of joy and happiness. And in togetherness, giving and returning love will make our bonds stronger. Read the books by Fawn Weaver to get inspired!

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