The average cost of a wedding in Hawaii

Because it is often artists and famous people who do it, many think that the costs of getting married in Hawaii are far too high for them. Yes, of course getting married abroad costs money, but the costs in your hometown can also go up considerably. From wedding dress to photographer and from reception to evening party, everything has a price. In addition, you can make it as expensive as you want.

The costs of getting married abroad

The cost of a wedding abroad depends on a number of factors. First, there is the country where you want to get married. After all, each country has a different price tag.

The season in which you get married also plays a role. This way, you will be able to get cheaper airline tickets in the low season than during the school holidays. You can have a Hawaii wedding on a budget if you choose for an all-inclusive wedding package. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

Experience shows that invitees often find it no problem to pay for their own trip; however, tickets with a nice “pricetag” are always appreciated.

Who do you want to join?

This is an important factor: your guest list. The average cost of a wedding in Hawaii can vary depending on the scale of your wedding. A small scale wedding can be around $2000,- and a grand-scale wedding up to $30.000,-

If you decide to do your wedding closer to home, you often have to deal with social and moral obligations. You feel compelled to invite all kinds of people who you don’t really know or have seen for a long time. This is completely different when you get married abroad. Everyone understands that you celebrate this in an intimate and closed circle. So your guest list is more likely to be a small and select group of your family and best friends, which has a significant impact on costs.

In this way you actually create a win-win situation: You experience your day together with the people you prefer to have with it and have less costs.

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