The Benefits of Hiring a Private Chef for Pre-Wedding Celebrations

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Weddings have expanded beyond the day of the ceremony. Welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, and after-wedding brunches are commonplace now. And in the months leading up to the big day–bachelor and bachelorette parties and wedding showers have become large memorable events of their own.

You’ve probably already sorted away the catering for the reception, but what about all these other events? Hiring a private chef can be ideal to ensure that no one meant to be celebrating is stuck cooking, or dealing with cleanup. Here are all the reasons you should consider hiring a private chef for all of your pre-wedding celebrations.

Take This Task Off Your Plate

There is a lot to do in the months, weeks, and days leading up to a wedding. If you take on too much of it you’re bound to burnout and not enjoy these special moments like you should. What mother wants to miss her daughter opening shower gifts because she was busy making sure the quiche didn’t burn? And what father wants to spend a welcome party tied to the grill unable to meet all of the guests?

And who wants to take on the pressure of feeding everyone? Bringing on a private chef ensures that all of your loved ones get to spend every moment enjoying themselves.

A private chef will:

  • Design all recipes
  • Shop for all the ingredients
  • Prepare all dishes
  • Handle all of the cleanup

All you and your guests have to do is sit back, perhaps enjoy a beverage, and make some memories.

Let The Professionals Handle It

No matter how good Uncle Joe’s famous chicken pot pie is, he is still not a professional chef. Professional chefs know how to scale up recipes, improvise when things go wrong, and design comprehensive menus that adhere to everyone’s dietary restrictions. Putting all of that pressure on a home cook is just far too much.

And with a private chef you can branch out! How about dim sum for a bachelorette party? Or a New England-style clambake for a welcome dinner? High tea complete with profiteroles and other pastries for a wedding shower? There are thousands of private chefs out there curating personalized dining experiences that will have everyone raving about the food.

Dinner and a Show

When planning any event, but especially a bachelor or bachelorette party, you want it to be a unique experience. After all, this is your last hurrah!

When you hire a private chef you can also be hiring an entertainer. There are private chefs who are happy to do cooking demonstrations or interactive tasting menus. Guests can learn about local ingredients, unique cooking techniques, or try something completely new and expand their palate. Maybe your maid of honor will learn the proper way to shuck an oyster!

private chef, pre-wedding

Keep It Local and In Season

Whether you’re staying close to home, or headed to a tropical destination–a private chef is going to know what is good and when it is good. They can design a farm-fresh menu that utilizes only the very best of what is available. After all, they know all the trade secrets and where to get the very best.

Think of Anthony Bourdain’s advice for when to buy dishes with certain ingredients. As a chef in NYC, he knew exactly when the “good stuff” would have come in. Whatever your destination your local private chef will know which day the “good stuff” comes in. Put your trust in them instead of putting the pressure on a loved one.

Make Memories, Not Messes

At the end of the day the best thing a private chef can give you for your pre-wedding event isn’t delicious food, but fulfilling memories.

Having a private chef handle the hard stuff means you can just spend time with your guests. Whether it’s catching up over cocktails with the girls at the bachelorette party, getting to hear all about your cousin’s new job at the bridal shower, or just soaking up these precious moments surrounded by the people who love you the most.

Hiring a private chef will let you lavish in those moments, and enjoy something delicious on the side.

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