The Best bachelor and bachelorette party ideas

bachelorette party

As important as your wedding day is, and you want to have the time of your life, let’s not underestimate the power of a rocking bachelor and bachelorette parties. As they say in movies, this is your time to let it all out, have your gals or fellas throw you a party and send you off into married life in style, with a night to remember. As this evening is usually a task that falls upon the guys and girls respectively, this one goes out to the party planners. So, just in case you’re feeling a tiny bit stuck – have a party planner block of sorts, we’re here for you. Pay attention to our amazing ideas. Who knows, perhaps after checking them out, you’ll ditch your plans and take one of our smashing bachelorette party suggestions.

Practical, fun and bonding

Not to say that boys don’t know how to bond – it’s just that boys and girls have different notions of what constitutes bonding. So, for the girls, one of the absolute best ideas is a road trip to a luxurious spa retreat. It’s advisable for the bride to get a great facial and massage before the wedding anyway, so why not make a whole thing of it? You can get away for an entire weekend and be pampered for 48 hours straight. Take advantage of the saunas, the pool, the incredible massages and facials. In the evening, you can choose to stay comfy in your pajamas, play cheesy games like truth or dare, share intimate and embarrassing stories. This is an amazing idea because it fortifies the friendships, and you get a nice pre-wedding detox.

A classy night for classy fellas

Us Aussies are known for our fun-loving nature, and that’s not a stereotype. We work hard, but we also have a soft spot for partying. Now, there are simply bachelors who prefer to keep things classy – go to a nice place, enjoy fine liquor and great conversation and banter. Hence, going to, for instance, a classy vodka, gin and whiskey tasting in Sydney is the perfect way to spend one’s last evening as a single man. You get to enjoy the finest spirits and bond (in your own way) with your best guys. If you do have a bit too much, it will be a night you will perhaps vaguely remember, but it will be a classy night, no doubt about that. You can dress up in tuxes like Ted and Barney do in HIMYM and make a full posh night of it.

Surprise!bachelorette party

Not to pigeonhole anyone, but most gals love surprises, and we think you know where’ we’re going with this. A surprise costume party is a killer way to send your gal off into married life. You can organize it on a rooftop, in someone’s apartment or in a small bar. Have someone bring her under false pretenses, and then bam – surprise! If she has a thing for cult movies, make sure to get her a killer costume to change into and make sure you wear costumes as well. This will be a night of dancing, lots of sparkly and fun photos, drinking and generally having an awesome night. After all, every party is a 125% better when everyone is in a costume.

Adventure time

There are mellow guys, and then there are adrenaline junkie guys. Not all parties have to be conventional ones. If on your hands you have a bungee-jumping, ski-loving adrenaline junkie, whisk him off to the best mountain and give him his dose of adrenalin rush. After the adventure time on the slopes, you can organize a nice poker night in your suite and unwind after an activity-packed day. It’s an all- encompassing experience that the groom to be will love. Perhaps he’ll even clean you out during a friendly game, so it will be a double win for him.

A Waldorf-worthy night

You may or may not know this, but the fictitious Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl threw the best annual sleepovers. However, this is no ordinary sleepover. Bring out your finest sheets, a whole rack of amazing dresses, and hire a professional hair and makeup crew. Get all pampered and dolled up and make reservations at the hottest club in town. Dance, drink martinis and be overall glamorous. Play some truth and dare – without the truth part and have some innocent fun. Once you’re done with the club scene, return to the comfort of satin sheets, do some facial masks and exfoliation and have a seven-star snooze.

Take me to the ball-game

If your guy is a die-hard fan of a particular sports team – baseball, basketball, football, get the best tickets – nothing is too good for your best guy and take him to a ballgame. Make sure you get front row, as this is truly the only way to please a true fan. If you have any connections, you can arrange for his favorite player to sign a ball or at least take a photo with the groom-to-be. For a sports fan, this is as good as it gets.

A bit of naughtiness

bachelorette party

A scavenger hunt is always fun, but it’s even more fun when it’s a tad naughty. After all, a marriage needs a little spiciness and you can help your girl channel her inner Anna Steel. Hide some naughty items like handcuffs, blindfolds, lingerie and massage oils around the house. Split into teams and let the games begin. Of course, the team that collects most items is the winner, but that’s just for the sake of the game. The future bride gets to take all of the naughty items home at the end of the night, but it’s better to make a game of it than to just give them to her.

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