The Best Fabric For Workout Outfits


“Health is wealth” everyone knows about it. In modern times the concept of concentrating on your health has changed. People are inclined more towards gyming rather than exercising without the use of machines. And post-pandemic, exercising has become more important to keep yourself fit. Gyming or intense workout requires clothes and the health conscious generation do not mind putting their bucks in the apt outfits. The activewear is available in so many fabrics but before buying the garments one to keep certain things in mind:

  1. DURABILITY: It doesn’t matter which sports you are playing or the type of exercise you are doing, long-lasting fabric is important to use it maximally. Also more physical workout means the cloth should be of better quality as it gets more worn out.
  2. ABSORPTION: Wearing activewear makes you more comfortable as sweat resistant materials are used. Perspiration does not bother you when you exercise thanks to these features of certain sports fabrics. In general, synthetic fabrics that are quick-drying and moisture-wicking are the best materials for sweating, regardless of whether you are dancing, working out in the gym, doing Pilates, or engaging in other exercises.
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT: Fitness buffs, sportsmen and all those actively working out need lightweight fabrics as each miligram adds to the discomfort.
  4. ELASTICITY: How much a certain fabric expands and comes back to the original position has its significance. Sportswear that is well-fitted, comfortable and enhances one’s natural silhouette and posture is essential to improving mobility and posture.
  5. COLOR FASTNESS: The color should not fade or bleed with constant sweat or dampness.

All those fabrics which stand neck to neck with the aforesaid points are an ideal choice for workout outfits. Let’s have a look at some of those:

  1. COTTON: A widely used natural fiber which is used in almost each type of clothing.



  1. Lightweight fabric
  1. Highly absorbent
  1. Highly durable

2. Remain damp for a longer time

  1. Easy to wash and maintain

3. Constant sweat makes it heavy

  1. Best for warm months

4. Color fades due to UV rays

  1. Stretches to an extent


If you are somebody who can’t bear the synthetic fabrics, then cotton is your answer. In India, you can find such topwear and bottoms in brands like H & M, Decathlon, Zivame, HRX, so on.

B. POLYESTER: A common synthetic fabric used around the globe for activewear.



  1. Durable and lightweight
  1. Bacteria stays on the surface
  1. wrinkle-resistant

2. Can skin allergies or rashes

  1. Provides good insulation

3. Odor prevails

  1. No color bleeding


  1. Moisture wicking
  1. Kind of water-resistant

Polyester fabric is an ideal choice for activewear as it stands good on all the above listed criteria. Moreover it gives that elastic support while exercising that a beginner requires. It’s a yes for polyester workout wear.

C. NYLON: Another synthetic fabric made from a combination of various chemicals. It has its own pros and cons. Let’s have a look:



  1. Sheer fabric
  1. Very basic clothes can be made as dying is very difficult.

2. Soft and smooth texture

  1. Can be used only in winter months as traps heat easily
  1. Highly elastic
  1. Not long-lasting in comparison to polyester or cotton.
  1. Quick-drying


  1. Resistant to mildew and mold
  1. Breathable and moisture-wicking

Nylon when mixed with spandex is a good option for those workout leggings. They look stylish and so many colors are available to choose from.

D. SPANDEX, LYCRA OR ELASTANE: All are the generic names of the same fabric. One of the best materials available for activewear clothing.



  1. Super-elastic and flexible
  1. Quick washing can loosen the stretch
  1. Can stretch upto 600% of its size

2. Warm water is the enemy.

  1. Wrinkle and shrink proof

3. Not waterproof

  1. Has room for circulation

4. Difficult for making a logo or embroidery

  1. Lightweight
  1. Quick-drying and moisture wicking

Most activewear items like track shorts, leggings and sports bras are made of fabric blends of polyester and spandex. In summary, it’s a great material for cheap, feature-rich, malleable reasons.

After looking at all the pros and cons of all the fabrics, you will be able to find the best fabric for the workout wear. The indian fabric stores are stocked with all the different varieties of these fabrics.

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