The Best Flower Options for a Tropical Wedding

tropical wedding, flowers

Are you looking for the perfect flowers to include in your tropical wedding ceremony and reception? Here are the best flower options for tropical weddings.

Flowers are an important part of any wedding, and a tropical wedding is no exception. When it comes to the best flower options for a tropical wedding, many choices can bring beauty and vibrancy to your special day. Plus, there are many ways to incorporate these blossoms into your ceremony. Here are the best flower options for a tropical wedding.

tropical wedding, flower options


Orchids are classic flowers for tropical weddings, offering an array of vibrant and unique colors. The most popular type of orchid is the phalaenopsis, which comes in many stunning shades such as white, pink, purple, yellow, and even multi-colored varieties. For a truly special touch that will stand out on your special day, consider using dendrobiums for their delicate petals and subtle fragrance. If you’re looking for something bolder yet still elegant, then cattleyas may be the perfect choice with their larger blooms and bright hues.

Orchids are perfect for a tropical wedding because they offer beauty and symbolism, making them ideal additions to any ceremony or reception decor. Orchids represent luxury, love, and strength. Plus, they are one of the most common flowers used in Hawaiian lei if you happen to be having your tropical wedding in Hawaii.


Anthuriums are other stunning flowers, making them perfect for tropical weddings. With their large blooms and waxy texture, they can add an exotic touch to any wedding decor. Anthuriums have the special meaning of hospitality and joy, which makes them ideal for expressing your love and happiness on your big day.

When it comes to types of anthuriums available, there is certainly no shortage. From bright red varieties like the rubra or spathiphyllum to more subtle shades such as pink or white, you’re sure to find something perfectly suited for your unique style. The most popular type would be the andrena species, with purple flowers that open up into fascinating shapes resembling stars or hearts.


And, of course, we can’t forget about plumeria, a beautiful flower that instantly evokes feelings of the tropics. With its large and fragrant blooms, this flower is one of the perfect ways to make your wedding feel more elegant with a tropical flair. The most popular type of plumeria is the rubra, which can come in various colors ranging from white to deep pinks and reds. These stunning petals will be sure to create a magical atmosphere on your special day.

Plumerias represent joy, optimism, and new beginnings. All these qualities make them fitting additions to any marriage celebration. Plus, they look amazing when combined with other flowers (especially heliconias), adding texture contrast and extra drama.

Now that you know the best flowers to include in your tropical wedding, you can choose the best option for your ceremony. Have fun playing with different colors and varieties until you find your desired look.

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