The Best Marriage Proposal Locations in Sydney


If you are planning to propose to your fiancée and you happen to live in or around Sydney, this article was written for you. One of the most nerve-racking experiences a man can ever undertake, popping the question is so much easier in the right location, as it helps to create the perfect ambience. If you want your marriage proposal to be remembered forever, here are some great Sydney locations that will guarantee you get the right response.

  1. Wendy’s Secret Garden At Lavender Bay – This picturesque garden is the perfect place to make your proposal, with stunning landscaped areas that will take your fiancée’s breath away. Located at the end of Lavender Bay Jetty, Wendy’s Secret Garden is probably the worst kept secret in Sydney and you can plan the perfect picnic for you and your partner to celebrate the wonderful news with a bottle of chilled champagne.
  2. Propose Over Sydney Harbour – Why not book a helicopter flight and pop the question while hovering over Sydney Opera House? If you have yet to buy the ring, Certified Diamond Network offers gentlemen Sydney engagement rings in a wide range of styles, and by slipping a diamond engagement ring on her finger, she will always remember that special moment. It is unlikely you are the first to do this, so the helicopter pilot can select the ideal hovering spot once you give him the signal.
  3. Bondi Beach At Sunrise – If ever there is a stunning romantic backdrop, it has to be Bondi Beach at sunrise and if you want to surprise her, just explain that your friend recommended an early morning walk along the beach to admire the amazing sunrise. Once you have popped the question and that stunning diamond ring is on her finger, you can both stroll along the Bondi to Coogee Walk and celebrate over a brunch. If you prefer an evening ambience, check out the sunset times at the same venue and you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Sunset At Mrs Macquarie’s Point – If you are more of an evening type, there’s no better backdrop than Mrs Macquarie’s Point, which offers a stunning view of Sydney Opera House. This picturesque location took its name from Governor Macquarie’s wife Elizabeth, who, in 1810, commissioned a seat to be carved out of rock where she could sit and watch the sunset. The rock chair is still there today. Or perhaps you could propose during a Sydney Harbour cruise while your fiancée is admiring the view.
  5. Dinner With A View – If she loves fine cuisine, why not book a table at Sydney Tower, where you can experience 360-degree dining. With Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in the background, this makes for the perfect setting to pop the question. You can even arrange to be serenaded at the right moment, which would really cap a perfect proposal experience.

Whatever location you choose, make sure the diamond engagement ring is something special, and with a little careful planning, your proposal will be happily accepted and you can both begin to plan an exciting life together.

Image Source: Unsplash


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