The Best Tips for Throwing a Low-Key Wedding

low-key wedding

Sometimes, a big wedding can be a little too much for some. Many now opt for smaller, low-key weddings. Here are the best tips for throwing a low-key wedding.

Many future brides have thought about their wedding day for years. It’s that perfect day they will remember forever, and when you’re younger, you have grand ambitions. A castle filled with hundreds of people! As many people age, they realize this is too much for them, and they’d rather have a more cozy and intimate celebration. Read on to learn some of the best tips for throwing a low-key wedding.

Be Strategic With Your Guest List

You must be a little strategic with your guest list to have a low-key wedding. You want to invite only the essential people. Otherwise, you’ll end up inviting too many people, one of the biggest guest list mistakes you must avoid. Invite the close family members you must have there, and then the closest friends. Anything more than this can quickly spiral out of control since too many initiations can make others you didn’t invite feel left out. If they can see that only the essential people go, you won’t have to worry about any jealous feelings.

Another consideration to make with your guest list is your seating arrangements. With a smaller wedding, your options will be somewhat limited, but being strategic will simplify everything. People will sit to eat, but everyone will also be up and walking around, talking, and dancing. As long as you don’t have grandparents sitting next to little kids, you should be good.

Find a Simple Venue

If you want a smaller, more low-key wedding without a lot of people, you won’t need the elaborate venues that some other brides have. Instead, you’ll want something where everyone can be close and take notice of all the care and attention people put into the most minute décor details. You can achieve this with some simple venues like a park, a small historical building, or even in your backyard.

You’ll need the right rentals to ensure the day goes off without a hitch to best host a wedding in your backyard. That includes a tent, catering, lighting, tables, chairs, and potentially fans or heaters, depending on the weather. You’ll also need to do a little yard maintenance, but it’s most important that you decorate the space however you want!

Stay Informal

When many people think of low-key, they also think of informal, and that’s one of the best ways to keep everyone happy and everything simple. Of course, people can still dress formally for the occasion, but it should be optional. You want everyone to be comfortable for the event; for some, that means wearing a tie, but for many others, that means wearing a loose-flowing dress or shirt that still looks nice. Still, you’ll want to be clear with people so that no one feels over- or under-dressed.

Throw a low-key wedding that you’ll never forget with these tips! No matter the size of your wedding and how many people are there, it should be an unforgettable celebration of the love you and your partner have for each other! These tricks will help make that celebration the center focus of the evening while eliminating many of the distractions that can come up during events like these.

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