The Best Wedding Colors for a Summer Wedding

There are many decisions to make when planning your wedding, and deciding the wedding colors is one of them. These are some great shades to try for the summer.

Deciding what color you’d like to incorporate into your wedding can be challenging. There are so many shades and combinations that it can seem impossible to narrow down your options. It’s time to take a deep breath. Let’s explore a few colors that will take your summer wedding to a whole new level.


If you’re a blushing bride, this is the perfect color for your wedding. The neutral pink hue is a gorgeous combination of femininity and warmth. Its soft and subtle tone mimics the summer season’s modest florals. Pair the blush tone with candles, sleek stemware, and earth tones to create a romantic wedding palette. This hue is perfect for an outdoor wedding.


Using orange as your wedding color doesn’t mean you have to have a vibrant and bright palette. Use a softer version of this citrus hue for a fun pop of color. Utilize copper mugs, colorful blooms, tinted glassware, and fresh fruit as ways to highlight the shade on a table. Orange would make the perfect addition to a country wedding. Feel free to use a variety of shades to embrace the delicious color.


Are you a bride who loves bright, vibrant colors? Fuchsia is a shade that packs a punch. It screams, “I’m here for a good time,” and that’s what a wedding reception is all about! Since it carries a bold presence, pair it with understated neutrals to avoid drowning the fuchsia. Use flowers, ribbon, and garland to add this show-stopping shade to your perfect summer wedding.

Baby Blue

This soft shade of blue encompasses the blue skies and gorgeous ocean waters of summertime. There are so many ways to incorporate this color into your wedding theme. You’ll find tinted glasses, exquisite linens, and blossoming blooms worth decorating your lovely wedding with. Consider baby blue and white to create the perfect nautical theme if you’re marrying the love of your life near the water.


You don’t have to be getting married in Georgia to use peach as your wedding color. Summer is the time for fresh-picked peaches. Embrace the juicy color to create those summertime vibes for all the guests to enjoy. Peach is a versatile color and will look good at many different venues.


Add sunshine to your wedding day with bright and cheery yellow. This color brings sunshine to any wedding and will add a smile to all the guest’s faces. Is there a better way to incorporate yellow than with sunflowers? For an Americana approach, add in the other primary colors.

Any of these gorgeous colors would be the perfect choice for a summer wedding. Review the shades above to decide which to add as a primary or accent color for your summer affair.

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