The Biggest (and Most Extravagant) Wedding Budget Mistakes


Many people dream about having their perfect wedding from a very early age, but years of anticipation for that big day can manifest itself in potentially destructive ways. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement in preparation for your own wedding but getting too out-of-hand could end up costing you dearly. There are many traps and pitfalls that you can fall victim to so know what you’re getting yourself into before swiping your card or signing on the dotted line.

Here are some relatively common – and costly – mistakes people make when planning their big day.

Not Price Checking Local Photographers or Videographers

Choosing how you document your nuptials can be a fun and exciting endeavor and looking through portfolios of different studios can give you inspiration for your own event. Professional wedding photography is practically a necessity these days; people like to record the occasion so that they can look back years later and reminisce. Though not quite as prevalent as photographers, a videographer job description involves capturing the feel of your wedding in a way that photos alone cannot.

In your search for the package that best matches your expectations and style, take the time to compare prices before pulling the trigger. If you don’t pause and consider all available options, then you will probably still have great wedding pictures – but it could cost you thousands more than it might elsewhere. Due to the heavily-commercialized nature of modern weddings in the US – with people willing to go deep in debt for a few hours of entertainment – there will be many unscrupulous businessmen preying on those who don’t shop around.

Lack of a Well-Thought Out Budget

Your wedding budget should be well within your means, smartly prioritized and built with a lot of padding for unsuspected charges. In the flurry leading up to your big day, it’s easy to go overboard – and without proper accounting, the costs you incur will soon stack up way beyond what’s reasonable.

Of course, you’re not going to know what to include in your budget if this is your first time getting married, so you’ll have to put in some time researching or asking friends and family to build a comprehensive list. Dress alterations, venue contracts and little items such as silverware and table settings are often forgotten charges that can easily balloon out of control.

Impulse Control

If you’re strictly adhering to a well-planned budget, then you probably won’t have an issue with this, but controlling impulses and making compromises can be the most difficult issue you face in anticipation of your ceremony. As a general rule, never make a commitment until you have completely researched all other options available. The first venue you walk into could be the “perfect” spot for your wedding, but without checking around, you will never know if another venue checks all the same boxes at a significantly lower price point.

Your ideal ceremony doesn’t have to leave you in financial distress if you’re smart with your money and have a good eye for reading the small print on contracts and agreements. Give yourself plenty of time before the big date so you have the breathing room you need to make the best decisions.

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