The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Bangles

seamless bangles

Silver bangles are an essential item in the fashion armoury, yet wearing these simple but effective rings can be a little challenging for some women. Too loose and the person who likes to use their hands tends to look like a master juggler, and they can actually inflict some bodily pain, as a few unfortunate women can confirm. Wearing bangles isn’t exactly an art form, but with a little forethought one can select the right pair, which will enhance the overall look, and with that in mind, here are some helpful hints.

  • Do Hook the Charm Correctly – Each item that you add to your bangle has a moving ring, and it is this that you must use to attach the charm. Also, be careful when you do this, and try to make sure that the charm is flat, as twisting a number of charms look chaotic at the best of times. If you like to shop online, there are very versatile sterling silver bangles that go with any outfit, and they would likely have other jewellery items, all at lower than retail prices.
  • Don’t Pinch the Wire too Loose – This might allow the charm to catch on a piece of fabric, and a loose connection will not be as strong, and when being very active, you want to be sure you won’t lose anything.
  • Do Choose the Right Bangle Size – So many women fail at this fence, and the bangles can often look ungainly and like they don’t belong. The best way to ensure the right size is the measure the circumference of your wrist and add one inch to that. This allows the wrist some movement, but it is not excessive, and you don’t want lots of movement with the bangles. Too loose, and they might just slip off unnoticed, and tight bangles will be uncomfortable to wear, which kind of defeats the objective. If you would like to see a guide to wearing loose bangles, there are several informative articles online that you can refer too.
  • Don’t Forget the Seam – Seamless bangles offer much more in terms of a smooth experience, especially if you plan to get out on the dance floor and shake your stuff. Always check the connection or seam, as some bangles do not have a strong hinge, and lateral movement causes a seam edge to protrude, and that’s when you’ll catch a net curtain or that expensive blouse.

If you are looking for suitable bangles, or any other jewellery item, rather than spending half the day at shopping malls, check out the online suppliers and you will have a wider range of designs and lower than retail prices. More and more consumers are seeing the benefits of online shopping, and when you want to browse before buying, the online supplier has so much more in stock. There are also fashion websites, where you can get some real inspiration for outfits for all seasons, and when you shop online, there’s no need to worry about parking, and the items are shipped to your door.


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