The Future of Shopping with Hauls


In the new digital age, it is easier to become a journalist, writer, or influencer, due to the access one has through social media and blogs. However, maintaining an audience is easier said than done and those who are successful has turned their personal brands into businesses. Bloggers and vloggers all over the world have been the new go-to for fashion and beauty needs and do a better job of marketing a product or brand than paid advertisement. Blogging has always been an expressive form of content that started due to peoples want to share with others what they learned and great products they’ve used. No one knew that it would take off and revolutionize fashion and beauty the way that it has.

Hauls’ is a social shopping platform that has innovated the process of creating fashion and beauty content.  Their website and app bring fashion to the user anywhere and at any time. This new platform benefits both the vlogger and the viewer. What Hauls can do for their vloggers (Haulers), is provide a more efficient platform to promote their videos and actually create and catapult their personal brand into a business. Hauls’ makes it easier to create sponsorships and partnerships with big brands while earning a higher commission on products used their videos. Hauls’ is affiliated with over 40,000 top beauty and retail fashion brands, making it easier to promote products Haulers really love in an organic way. Hauls also provides a top notch back end for each Hauler, that is equipped with analytics and tools to make optimum videos and content. believes that 5% of a vloggers fan base can become super shoppers. By bringing that 5% to their Hauls profile page, Haulers are able to gain more views, which ultimately earns them a higher commission.

For the viewers, Hauls provides a great social shopping experience.  Many times viewers have had to scroll through countless links to find products used in videos of their favorite Haulers. Hauls’ makes this process easier by having pictures of each product on the side of each video, so viewers can watch content and shop simultaneously. Every time you click on a picture of a product you are automatically taken to a checkout, where you can buy that product immediately and hassle free.

Hauls takes pride in their accomplishments and loves to spoil their Haulers. Top Haulers have had the opportunity to visit exclusive events like the VMA’s, Beautycon, and fashion shows all around the country.  This new platform is revolutionizing the way people shop, and Hauls is at the forefront of this movement. Hauls is transforming the online platform first and hopes to revolutionize the way that people watch TV, create content, and shop in the future.

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