The Ideal Gift For A Groom

Buying for a man at the best of times can be hard work, so purchasing a unique gift for a groom is an exceptionally demanding and thought-provoking dilemma to find one’s self in! With choices ranging from watches, belts, shirts and even jewellery, this gift giving experience can quickly become one big grey mess!

Knowing where to start when you have ‘a man who has it all and wants nothing’ can quickly become a headache. What you need is some unique inspiration!

That’s where The Wooden Bow Tie Company steps in, offering a splendid and visually stimulating range of fashionable men’s apparel products, especially for the trendsetter!

How Our Wooden Bow Ties Came About?

Being a woman who struggles to find gifts for the men in her life, Emma Cross (CEO of The Wooden Bow Tie Company) was hopelessly searching the internet in the hopes of finding a product that ticked all of the boxes she had mapped out in her head. Firstly the item needed to be unique, inspire while being a product of depth and thoughtfulness.

The struggle was on! With Amazon and eBay both hunting grounds for this elusive product with no joy to mention, Emma decided to look elsewhere. It wasn’t until she stumbled across a seller on Etsy selling wooden shirt ties that the idea crept into her head.

Reading the glowing reports and feedback from both men and women, Emma began to wonder if a shirt tie can be made of wood can be so popular, could a bow tie made from wood perform the same?!
With her idea in hand and a team of skilled woodworkers at her disposal, the team got to work on what would be the first product produced by The Wooden Bow Tie Company!

All in all, the production of these fashion pieces took approximately five months to perfect – from the initial design stage through to market research. With focus groups being extremely keen with the initial prototypes the range went ahead and is now one of the leading suppliers of these fashionable Wooden Bow Ties within the UK!!

Where To Start When Your Man Has It All & Wants Nothing?

This can be an extremely tricky dilemma. On one hand, you want to get your loved one a gift that resembles your love and feelings for him, while giving something that you know he will like and use!

If your guy is a style lover then here’s a sure bet for a great unique and distinctive present for him! As time continually moves forward and fashions change, evolve and grow, The Wooden Bow Tie Company decided to revive and restore faith in a trusted old fav; the humble Bow Tie. Similar to its traditional counterpart fashion piece, these wooden bow ties offer style and sophistication, allowing the recipient to wear them with casual or formal attire. Paying respect to the universal movement of bohemian chic, these wooden bow ties are a marvel to bestow upon your loved one.

‘One thing many ladies tell us is that they love the symbolism associated with a bow tie. Designed (and named) a ‘butterfly’ bow tie, these wooden beauties have hidden meanings to ignite your man’s heart and soul. With a butterfly being known for the way it changes, develops and grows as an insect, the bow tie offers homage to this.’ Emma Cross CEO, The Wooden Bow Tie Company.

Another reason why The Wooden Bow Tie Company’s selection is so sought after is also due to the fact that each bow tie can be kept forever as a treasured memento of a momentous occasion, event or even of your special day. Unlike other materials, these treated wooden ties will not tarnish and will remain in pristine condition.

What Makes A Wooden Bow Tie Special?

When in the beginning design stages of our initial creation, we asked men a series of questions in relation to what they wanted. The response we received was overwhelming with many men stating they wanted a design that was strong, masculine yet simplistic. Many said how they still liked and often wore traditional material bow ties to functions and events. One of the main problem areas men found with traditional bow ties was the actual tying and securing the tie in place. Listening carefully to all of these comments allowed The Wooden Bow Tie Company to bring forth a product that dealt with and met all of the problems and issues of the traditional bow tie, allowing it to be brought forward and once again gain a stance in the men’s fashion stakes!

Whether you are looking to put a spin on your every day business wear or are looking for that one individual accessory piece to complete a formal outfit, these wooden bow ties offer all that and more! Available in a vast collection of styles, finishes, designs and materials, these wooden bow ties provide a twist on the classic bow tie, bringing them straight into the fashioning trend of the 21st century!

Offering a diverse and dignified product range, there is something in store to suit all tastes at The Wooden Bow Tie Company. From robust, stylish and masculine to light, flowing and floral bow ties.

Created in high calibre, natural woods which include; Maple, Oak, Walnut, Black Walnut and Zebra woods, each providing an excellent quality of artistry. All of the wood that is used in the production – along with working practices and techniques are environmentally sound and friendly.

These handsome bow ties are completed in a solid wood presentation gift box while some sets may include a beautifully carved flower lapel, wooden cuff links and a square handkerchief.

Why not take a look at this exclusive range of the infamous wooden bow tie, shirt ties, cuff links and more from The Wooden Bow Tie Company?!

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