The most beautiful jewelry for your wedding dress

The first thing you think of when you imagine how you walk to the altar is of course the beautiful wedding dress that you will wear. But to really feel at your best, there are many other things that you have to take into account. The right jewelry, for example, provides that wonderful finishing touch. M & B Private Jewelers have made it their mission to offer the highest quality luxurious jewelry that you can find in their online jewelry shop. Their unique jewelry provides a wonderful addition to your wedding dress. Follow these steps to select the perfect jewelry to match your dress!

1. Which jewelry matches your wedding dress?

Before you choose the jewelry, it is important to have already found the dream dress. Not only the color of the wedding dress, but also the type of neckline influence which jewelry gives that wow effect.

With a strapless neckline:

Do you have a beautiful strapless dress on your wedding day? Then it’s best not to wear large and eye-catching jewelry around your neck. Especially jewelry with small stones and matching earrings will look great. Another option is not to wear a necklace at all and to go for long earrings.

With a halter neck:

Wedding dresses with halter are the most sensual. That is why the principle is less is more. The less jewelry you will wear, the more beautiful it is. For such a type of dress you can choose one eye-catching accessory, such as a floral wreath on your head.

With an asymmetrical neckline:

Dare to go with a simple wedding dress without fuss for beautiful and striking earrings. However, if your wedding dress has many ornaments and decorations, it is best to go for small earrings.

2. The color of the dress also influences the color of the jewelry that you wear

With a white dress, for example, white gold, silver or platinum jewelry is perfect, which you can possibly combine with pearl details.

With an ivory wedding dress, gold jewelry looks great, because gold matches the color of the dress perfectly.

For white diamond wedding dresses, yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls are an excellent choice.

Yellow gold, polished silver and precious stones look great with a champagne-colored wedding dress.

3. Which jewelry matches your hairstyle and the shape of your face?

For example, long earrings are great for short hair and for long, loose hair it is best to opt for eye-catching jewelry, because they would otherwise disappear. Pearls and diamonds are a perfect choice if your hair is not fully styled.

4. Do the jewelry match the rest of the accessories?

If you wear a flower wreath, hair band or brooch in your bridal hairstyle on your day, it is best to choose to wear small jewelry. This way your guests will not be distracted too much from your great dress. If you choose not to wear anything in your hair or something small, you can opt for more eye-catching jewels.

5. How many pieces of jewelry must be worn?

The simpler you look, the more you will shine. Three accessories are perfect. Don’t forget that if you opt for gold, for example, all your jewelry must be gold.

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