The perfect wedding diet plan & workout tips


Are you ready to have all eyes on you? The truth is you will look good on your wedding day, no matter what; however, if you want to look great and fit into that smaller wedding dress, then your approach should be to make lifestyle changes that last well into your future. That being said, if you have been watching your diet for at least the past few months and are closer to your fitness goals, then these small tweaks will help you slip into that dress seamlessly on your big day:

  1. Eat low-sodium foods

Foods such as pizza, cured meats and fries make you feel bloated – and that’s the last thing you need. So for the last few weeks before the celebration, eat less of sodium-rich foods and frozen entrees (though you should be doing this already if you want to lose a few pounds and show off your arms).

  1. Eat more fruits and veggies

Of course you should already be eating fruits and vegetables but as you get closer to the big day it’s time to up your game. Apart from helping you lose weight, the antioxidants you get from these nutrient powerhouses is essential to keeping your skin smooth and your hair looking great – and who doesn’t want that?

Bear in mind that loading up on produce can also make you feel bloated, so if you haven’t been eating a lot of veggies, don’t try to make up for it by pilling it on. The good thing is it takes about a week for your body to adjust once you start eating more fruits and greens.

  1. Don’t drink

It’s temping to overindulge; with all the parties, showers, and other fetes (after all you have a big day coming up!) but if you want to avoid the dehydration, headaches, fatigue, and all those other nasty side effects, you will have to put down your favorite drink. This will help you lose any last-minute pounds and keep your head clear in the days leading up to the celebration. You’ll also need to limit the booze at your rehearsal dinner.

  1. Get enough sleep

Because of all the excitement, you’re not likely to get a good night’s sleep on the night before your wedding; however you can try to establish a healthy sleep routine for the two weeks before the big day. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to get your mind on track – and it helps your skin look amazing.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated can be key to looking and feeling great. Dehydration is a major cause of headaches, exhaustion, and it’s easily confused with hunger, so you’re likely to overeat when you don’t drink enough water. If you move around a lot, carry a bottle of water and eat fruits (they’re full of water themselves). if you find that water is too bland for your taste buds, you can always flavor it with seltzer, orange juice, or any other healthy add-on.

  1. Exercise

This is the day when there’ll be more pictures taken of you than ever before, so naturally, you want to have a nice body to show off. A wedding workout isn’t as simple as lifting some weights or doing cardio the day before your nuptials; it requires proper planning (often long before the big day). These tips are tried-and-tested by the best trainers in the world, and combining them will have the best results.

  1. a) Do strength training: This will tone your body and help you burn more fat.
  2. b) Try TRX: Suspension trainers will put tension in your body in different ways, but

your core will get stronger and your bum will get a thorough workout.

  1. c) Sprint: If you love running, then sprint workouts are great for ripping up your core, arms, abs, and legs. Head in to a soccer field or track and start building on speed.
  2. d) Pick up Pilates: Exercising in controlled movement patterns helps to strengthen your body and centering your core. Pilates will work your whole body without exerting too much pressure on the joints.


Remember to take a break and allow yourself to de-stress. Wedding planning can take a lot out of you, and if you don’t find a way to de-stress then you might not fully enjoy your wedding. Yoga is one way to release tension and get grounded, but find what works for you.

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