The question I get asked daily “Why Purchase from”

I get asked all the time what the difference is between our sparklers and our competitor’s sparklers.  So many wedding photographers, event venues and wedding planners only recommend our sparklers for a reason! The answer is very simple …. You get what you pay for!

Patty McNeil from Chicago called asking this exact question because her venue only allowed our sparklers and she was wanting to know why our sparklers were more expensive than other sites. She didn’t want to spend any additional money on her daughter’s wedding.  I explained why is so reputable and why wedding professionals continue to recommend us.  Why risk a sparkler that will not light, will not perform, be very smoky, and droopy?  We do not cater to the “one and done” brides with an inferior product that they will not need for another wedding. wants EVERY bride to have the highest quality sparkler so their photos are magical.

We have hand selected our #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers so they are the highest quality sparkler in the US.  Our staff opens each box and inspects the sparklers to ensure they are in perfect condition before it leaves our warehouse.  All sparklers that arrived broken are tossed and replaced with a perfect sparkler.  We then secure the sparklers with tape so they will not bang against each other during shipping and retape the boxes back up.  Nobody wants to receive broken, damaged sparklers!   They are then carefully packed with lots of packing peanuts to cushion the bumps and blows during the shipping process.  Your sparklers will arrive in pristine condition.

Our sparklers are double-dipped for added brightness and length of burn time.  A lot of other companies claim their sparklers burn for 4 minutes, but in reality it is about 3 minutes and 15 seconds.  Our metal rod is also thicker to prevent drooping, wilting sparklers during the sparkler tunnel.  A bending sparkler rod can also be dangerous if guests are too close to each other and the rod can bend and be a hazard to everyone around them.  The sparklers that we carry, are almost smoke-free – there is no such thing as a smokeless sparkler, contrary to what others may claim, but our sparklers have a very tiny amount of smoke that is emitted when burning.  This makes wedding photos beautiful!

Numerous brides have ordered sparklers from other companies and when they tested them out right before their wedding, found out they were not what they claimed to be.  Every Monday I get calls from panicked brides wanting to see how soon would receive their sparklers.  I can hear the desperation in their voice.  For that reason our warehouse works late on Mondays to get these orders out the door.  The brides tell me that their wedding planner told them to buy their sparklers from us, but they were trying to save a couple of dollars by going with a cheaper sparkler.

If you are looking for a sparkler that will perform incredibly at your wedding, then our sparklers are for you!  We offer the highest quality sparkler you can find.

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