The Ultimate Guide For Brides Over 45

Maybe it’s the first time you’re getting married or maybe it’s your second marriage, whatever the case, you should be feeling happy and elated regarding this new decision to start a new life with someone special who will love you the way you deserve it. However, the culture we live in still mandates that brides should be young, so if you feel a bit alienated and confused, then you’re not alone. This guide will offer some valuable tips for older brides who want to feel amazing on their special day. So read on to find out more about getting ready for your wedding.

First, you’re allowed to be happy and excited

Just because you’re not a young bride, doesn’t mean you should not feel excited about your upcoming marriage. Allow yourself to feel all the happy emotions and feel free to share them with all the people who want to celebrate with you. If someone starts giving you a hard time over your excitement, then they’re not that much of a friend, are they? This is important because you have the right to be happy and enjoy your wedding preparation. So, be free to get ecstatic and look forward to your wedding day regardless of your age!

Take your time to pick a dress

A wedding dress is an integral part of every wedding, so you should make sure to wear one that is just right for you. Luckily, there are so many options nowadays: elegant vintage models, simple backless dresses — the choice is endless. However, you don’t have to stick to white as your only color, because embracing bold details can make for one stunning look. If you feel brave, you can also pick a backless dress, just make sure to choose the one that suits your body type. In case you want to avoid stressful dress shopping, then you can go to a specialized tailor who will make a dress especially for you.

Make an effort to get fit

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Exhausting diets are definitely not a healthy way to lose a few pounds before your wedding day, but if you still feel the need to get fitter, then it’s recommended to do some exercises instead of restricting yourself from eating your favorite food. This is why going to the gym and using some natural menopausal supplements is a much better option than endless calorie-counting. Planning your wedding can be stressful at times, and being physically active will surely help you get fit and release the stress in a healthy way.

Plan your guest list carefully

When you’re younger, you kind of want to invite everyone you know to celebrate with you. But, once you get a bit older, you start to realize that only those who have been sticking with you for years should be part of your inner circle. Therefore, if you’re having issues with planning a guest list, consider this: invite only those who are your true friends, because, at this point in your life, you surely don’t owe anybody an explanation. Don’t let anyone pressure you into things you don’t want to be doing, and invite friends, relatives, and co-workers that you’re close with.

A small gathering is also a party

Opting for a lavish wedding is fine if you have the means to pull it off, of course. Still, it’s important to mention that small gatherings can be a wonderful way to celebrate your new marriage. An intimate outdoor wedding party is often a better way to have fun than renting a huge venue. Planning a low-key wedding is also less stressful, so if you’re unsure about your upcoming reception, then feel free to consider a small party as well, especially if you don’t plan to invite many people anyway.

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Being over 45 and getting married is wonderful news, because for some, finding the right person might take more time. The fact that you’ve found your soulmate and decided to marry them should make you feel proud and happy. Finally, remember that planning a wedding requires some patience, so be sure to make the right choices rather than being impulsive with your decision. Also, include your partner into wedding preparations, because that will be a lovely way to grow closer and look forward to your special day together.

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