The ultimate guide on being dominant

Maybe your relationship got stuck in a rut and it’s time to spice it up. There are a lot of ways to make your relationship blossom again. It’s all about taking initiative instead of waiting for your partner to take the lead. So let’s do something about it. No guy gets turned on from a bag of potatoes between the sheets. Instead of being a passive, insecure and silent mouse take the lead in bed and wrap your guy around your finger. Here are some tips to get started.

You are what you wear

You really don’t have to develop into a Christina Gray with a latex suit, a tight ponytail, whip in one hand and strap-on in the other. But a little excitement in your outfit is a must. Because the right outfit gives your self-confidence a big boost. So make sure you radiate dominance. Black lingerie, a pair of pumps, a tight dress and last but not least: a determined look in your eyes is perfect for fetish dating. Trust me your partner will appreciate it.

Know what you want

Lying down like a dead bird is nice and easy and also safe. You do not have to doubt about what he likes or fear that he will find your ideas strange. As a doll, you just let yourself get into all kinds of positions. After a while, this can get a bit boring. To be able to be dominant in bed, you need to know what turns you on. You can do that by experimenting with yourself, but also by reflecting on what you find the best moments during sex. Don’t be afraid and take the lead.

Know what he wants

Maybe you think to be dominant means that it’s all about you now and what you want. But the truth is being dominant is not equal to being selfish. So keep on giving. If you know what you can do to make him go wild, you can take the lead with more confidence. Surprise him!

Take initiative

If you don’t feel comfortable to take the dominant role you can do it step by step. Do not wait until he proposes to have sex. Take the first step with Subs and Doms this is a good start to take the lead in bed.

Make the decisions

Where you do it. Which positions you do and in which order. When you come and how. When he comes and how. If he proposes something, say, “No, I know something better.” Maybe it takes some getting used to for him, but a woman who knows what she wants, a lot of men get turned on by this idea.

Girl on top

Doggy style is one of men’s favorite positions. You can let this pass you by if you want to take the lead. As a woman, you also have little power. Girl on top is the position to be in full control.

Tie him down

Is your partner also a dominant type in the bedroom, blindfold him or tie him up and have your way with him.

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