The Ultimate Last Minute Wedding Day Checklist

wedding checklist

Your big day is just around the corner, less than a week or so away, and all the preparations are in order. Now is the time for one final check of a few things to ensure everything is going to plan. If you do have any issues, you better sort them out now before they ruin your wedding day.

Keeping that in mind, here’s the ultimate last minute wedding checklist:

wedding checklist
Check The Weather Forecast Don’t let a rainy day spoil your wedding. Source

The week leading up to your wedding is a good chance to check what the weather is saying on your big day. Now, there’s no guarantee that the forecast is accurate, but it does give you a good idea of what to expect. If it says there will be rain every day of the week – including your wedding day – then you can pretty much be sure it will happen. Don’t worry, you checked beforehand just in case something like this happened. Now, you can make some last minute changes to your wedding day plan. Maybe send out an email to your guestlist telling everyone to bring an umbrella because rain is forecast. If you’ve planned an outdoor wedding, you may just have time to find an alternative location for the reception because the weather has let you down. It’ll be a frantic race against time, but it’s better to do this now that have a wedding reception in the pouring rain under a gazebo flapping in the wind.

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Try Your Dress On Again

More than likely, you bought your wedding dress a good few months ago. A lot could’ve changed between now and then, including your body size and shape. Who knows, you may have dropped a couple of pounds (good for you!), and this might mean the dress doesn’t fit perfectly anymore. Try it on, if it fits, then everything is fine. If not, then you need to take immediate action. Find somewhere that offers quick wedding dress adjustments, then go there and get your dress re-fitted. You could go back to wherever you bought your dress from, but they might charge extortionate amounts, so a smaller place is a good idea here.

wedding checklist

Make sure nothing delays your arrival. Credit

Look To See If Any Local Events Are Scheduled

When you planned your wedding day, there may have been nothing going on in the local area. But, now is a good time to check to see if any local events have suddenly been scheduled. Why? Because you don’t want everyone getting held up in terrible traffic thanks to a parade or a protest – or anything similar. If you do find something is on, you can send out alternative route options for people getting to your wedding, helping them avoid the traffic.

wedding checklist

You can’t have a wedding without food. Link

Liaise With All Your Suppliers

Finally, you need to contact all the suppliers for your wedding. Phone everyone you’ve paid to do something, from the caterers to the photographer, and ensure they know all the right dates and times. The last thing you want is a mix-up on your big day with someone not showing up because they got the time wrong.

Check everything off this list, and you can rest a little easier in the build-up to your amazing wedding day

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