The waist trainer review you must read

You’ve probably already seen Instagram full of it, celebs in every magazine, actually wherever you look, you see the waist trainer.

The waist trainer and me

Couple months ago I got my first zipper waist trainer. This was necessary if I ever wanted to see my 55cm waist again. Now I was quite slim but gained some weight around my waist.

I’ve been wearing it for 2 weeks now. Daily approx. 4 to 6 hours. I found it very difficult, because this one was a lot tighter than all the others. Even the first one I had.

Once on it was of course very tight, but for the first time my stomach didn’t hurt. So you understand that putting it on every day was really no problem. And after a few days I had it on within 5 minutes.

The result of the waist trainer after 10 days

After 5 days my belly button finally seemed to be inward again instead of bulging out. I was very happy with that. My waist also seems slimmer.

At the physiotherapist it was measured, and my waist was 4 cm less than 2 weeks before. Now I also get lymph drainage, so it must have been a combination. Either way, it puts everything in its place a little differently, definitely making you look slimmer.

Under your clothes it is completely beautiful, it gives you a nice guitar shape. Then it doesn’t matter how slim or full you are. A guitar shape is always beautiful. Just look at Kim Kardashian, she’s not slim at all, but because of her slim waist, she looks really great.

Pros and cons

My downside was that I had chosen the sports version, now there is a roll of fat hanging above the edge. That doesn’t look sexy. You don’t have that problem with the slimming bodysuit. That’s for next time! I also think that the models in this case could be a little less perfect. I can imagine that not everyone hangs up the packaging as a mood board (yes I do), and that it can deter you from trying.

A plus is of course the better shape, no pain, a straighter posture, immediately slim under clothing and after a week he could already go on the tighter position!

How do you use the waist trainer?

The waist trainers and compression body shaper are suitable for wearing after childbirth, during sports (sports trainers), for back problems and better posture and if your outfit simply needs to be better proportioned. With serious waist training, the waist will become smaller.

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