The Week Of: Tips for Relaxing Before Your Wedding

Take time to decompress the week before your big day so you can celebrate. We’ve listed the best tips for relaxing before your wedding that you need to know.

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and an emotional cocktail of stress and excitement builds up as the big day draws near. As you get ready for the week of your special day, try out a few tips for relaxing before your wedding. By giving yourself time to decompress, you can enjoy your day with family and start a new journey with your life partner.

Do a Workout

Exercise is a natural stress reliever since it gives you an outlet to burn off that stressful energy while also filling your body with those feel-good hormones. So on the week of your wedding, clear a bit of time to do your favorite workout or try doing some yoga! Be careful; you don’t want to push yourself and strain a muscle before your wedding.

Schedule Spa Time

Everyone needs to feel pampered occasionally. Make an appointment at a spa for the royal treatment if you have time. On the other hand, you could treat yourself without leaving the comfort of your home. You need to stock up on your favorite skin-care products and grab your coziest clothes. Then, consider making sea buckthorn berry facial oil to nourish your skin and keep it moisturized for the big day.

Eat Your Favorite Food

Nothing beats a tasty snack or meal, especially when it’s your favorite food! Treat yourself to something delicious or prepare a simple family recipe, like your mom’s infamous chocolate chip cookies. You could even do this with your partner as a bit of pre-nuptial bonding time. This gives you a chance to talk about your stress and share a treasured recipe with your partner.

Listen to Your Body

It’s easy to get caught up in the last-minute details, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the signs your body gives. This tip for relaxing before your wedding is important since constantly feeling hungry or tired can increase your stress levels. Go to bed when you start feeling tired and eat when you first feel hungry. You may need to go to bed earlier than usual, and that’s perfectly fine since you’ll feel rejuvenated on your wedding day.

Write It Out

Jot down all the things you still have to do, such as getting your nails done, verifying last-minute details, cleaning your ring, and more. Writing this down gets it out of your head and helps you visualize what you need to do. If you’re goal-oriented, crossing each item off also helps relieve each layer of stress that you experience.

Talk to Loved Ones

Chances are, your partner shares your stressors, so the two of you can talk things through and discuss your plans. But this isn’t the only person you have to talk to. Your bridal party and close relatives are all there to help you, whether that means taking on tasks or accompanying you on an exciting shopping spree. Reach out to your inner circle; these people love you and want to ensure your big day goes perfectly.

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