Things Every Woman Should Do Before Her Wedding Day

As soon as you say “yes”, the overwhelming excitement paired with the endless list of chores start living in your mind until the moment you walk down that aisle. You start thinking about the dress, the perfect venue, the ideal season to set the wedding for, the guest list, and of course, let’s not forget the most appropriate catering to keep all of your guests happy. But what about yourself? Every bride deserves to devote some time and care to herself, to feel extraordinary in her own skin (and not just the dress or the shoes), and to tend to her own needs.

For that to happen, you need a battle plan, ladies! To help you prepare your self-care itinerary for the months and weeks closing in on the wedding day, we’ve assembled a few top choices for all brides-to-be. From tending to your health, skincare, all the way to making sure your beauty is taken care of, here are the key details to add to your preparation plan for the big day!

Add relaxation to your routine

Stress is the most damaging factor for your self-esteem, your enjoyment, and your appearance for the big day. It can wreck your sleep, push you to indulge in too many sweets, and keep your spirits low enough to skip those important workouts. So, you should prevent all those troubles by targeting the source, or in this case, the stress itself.

Whatever helps you unwind, relax, and build a positive mindset, add it to your routine. For many brides, regular meditation helps with all these factors, as it lowers your stress levels, provides you with a healthy way to boost your confidence through affirmations, and it also helps you process your emotions.

Talk to a dermatologist

Although you most likely already have a steady beauty routine with your cleansing essentials and lovely moisturizers, your wedding day may inspire you to go the extra mile in an effort to beautify yourself, and to look and feel stunning for your groom-to-be. But before you make any sudden changes, you should talk to a professional dermatologist and book an appointment with a reputable aesthetic clinic in your area, so that you can seek advice on the best way to move forward.

Perhaps you can benefit from a non-invasive treatment such as ultherapy that uses ultrasound to gently rejuvenate your pores. Then again, maybe you’d like to get rid of a few pesky acne scars before the big day. If you are not happy with your complexion consider Red Light therapy to treat your skin issues. Depending on the decision, schedule the treatment with enough time for your skin to recover properly and for you to bask in the results.

Find diverse ways to get active

Exercise may not be your forte (or who knows, you might be a true fitness enthusiast), but you should definitely find time and patience to invest in a proper fitness routine. Why? Because your skin will glow, your hair will flourish, you’ll feel energized, and you’ll be toned and strong to look even more beautiful in your gown.

Now, if you’re new at the gym, you should definitely talk to a professional and get an exercise routine that you can perform without getting injured or becoming too exhausted to then take care of everything else you need. Whether you choose to swim on some days, jog in the park on others, and complement your routine with some light weights, you can keep things interesting to stay motivated, and match your diet plan with a workout routine that’s worthy of your wedding day.

Take your beauty sleep seriously

Even though you’ve found a brilliant dermatologist and you’ve been able to take care of any dark spots from too much sun exposure or handle uneven skin tone, you need to think ahead and make sure you get ample sleep. In addition to eating well, nourishing your body with plenty of water, and exercising on a regular basis, your beauty heavily depends on sleep. Consider it the pillar of your bridal beauty!

However, a single night of proper rest won’t take care of those eyebags, nor will it tend to your energy levels. You need to stick to a sleep schedule that fits your needs and that enables you to get enough rest for the big day. Also, make sure that your bachelorette party doesn’t do any damage to your careful self-care routine.

As your special day approaches, you will need all the preparation you can get to immerse yourself into the joy of getting married without the stress and the hassle. Proper planning will help you stay calm, beautify yourself in all those wonderful, healthy ways, and ensure your wellbeing when it’s time to walk down the aisle and say “I do” before all of your guests. Use this list to stay on the right track, and brace yourself for one of the most extraordinary days of your life!

Mia Taylor is 33 year old blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and travel. She had always been passionate about fashion and over time she had developed a style of her own. Mia loves to mix and match and get inspire girls with her advice about outfit and accessories. She loves telling a story about her travels, providing beauty tips with readers.

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