Things To Consider If You Want To Pop The Question


If you’ve decided that you want to get engaged to your significant other, then congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than a potential engagement, and it’s great to feel like you’ve found ‘the one’. There are a lot of things to think about before you pop the question, and you need to make sure that you’ve thought them all through. We’ve made a list here, so that you can make sure there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to your proposal.


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Where to do it

Ok, so you’ve decided that your partner is the one for you, and if you really know them, you may know the very place to pop the question. Is it where you first met? Is it their favourite place, or the place where you first took a trip together? Or are you going to take them somewhere new; a place they’ve always wanted to go to? Whatever you choose, make sure the setting is a perfect metaphor for your love together. No pressure.

Which ring to buy

Even if you know your partner inside out, knowing which engagement ring to buy can present some difficulties. There are always those occasions where you pick out an outfit for them, only to find that it really isn’t to their taste as much as you thought. When it comes to the ring, make sure you’ve looked through a website like this one, as well as looking in stores. When you see it, you’ll probably know.

Who’s going to be there

When deciding on a location, you need to think about who is going to witness the engagement. Is it going to be in front of people at a restaurant, or on a secluded spot on the beach? You really need to think about your partner here, and the kind of person that they are. If they don’t like to cause a scene and probably wouldn’t like the attention that comes from a public proposal, then keep it private. Don’t do something that they wouldn’t enjoy, just because you think that it’s the right way to propose.


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What to say

You may not have even thought of this one yet, or you may be relying on your gut to guide you. But you need to consider what you’re going to say, if ‘will you marry me?’ doesn’t do enough for you. Tell your partner what you love about them, how glad you are that you two met, and how you can’t imagine being apart. Perhaps reminisce about the first time you met. Or perhaps, say nothing at all. You don’t always have to use words.

So, if you’re thinking of proposing, make sure you’ve considered all of the details beforehand. To do this properly, all you really need to think about is what your partner would love, and what they’d feel comfortable with. So don’t book a helicopter ride for when you pop the question if your significant other is scared of heights, and you should be fine. Happy proposing!

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