Things To Consider When Planning a Fall Wedding

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Organizing a fall wedding is fun. But wait! Don’t send out your save-the-dates before you look at these things to consider when planning a fall wedding.

Fall weddings are wonderful. Nature’s scenery is the perfect backdrop for any wedding, and the weather is nice and cool. However, arranging a fall wedding takes strategic planning. So, before marking your calendar, check out these things to consider when planning a fall wedding for thought-provoking information.

The Weather

Fall is a tricky season to plan any event. One week it feels like the middle of summer; then the next, it feels cool, and we’re layering jackets. When planning your fall wedding, review the local weather trends. This will give you a better estimate of the weather around your wedding. However, fall weather is ever-changing, so have a backup plan in case of a cold and rainy day.

Wedding Party Attire

Depending on the stage of the season, the weather may be warm during the day but will turn cold quickly. So, naturally, you don’t want your wedding party freezing before the reception. Luckily, we have a quick fix for that. Incorporate layers into the wedding attire, like shawls or fur shrugs, for a cozy yet beautiful cover-up.

Fall Holidays

Fall is the start of the holiday season. Therefore, you and your guests will be busy at different times throughout the season. You can figure out which month is the best for a fall wedding during your planning sessions by thinking of available dates. Avoid setting a wedding date around holidays, like Thanksgiving, because some guests might not be able to attend.

Appropriate Venues

Fall scenery is beautiful, but the weather is chilly. Although an outdoor venue is nice, you may not want to keep your guests outside all day. Venues that allow you to use indoor and outdoor spaces are the best because you can take advantage of different areas. Maybe you have your ceremony among the trees and orange-colored leaves. Then you can bring your guests inside for a cozy dinner surrounded by fireplaces.

Who doesn’t love an autumnal wedding? The scenery is beautiful, and the weather is cool. However, organizing a fall wedding is tricky. Factors like the weather are out of your hands, but you can still arrange a great event. Before setting your date, always refer to this guide regarding things to consider when planning a fall wedding.

Photo by Nika Zhorzholiani from Pexels

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