Things to Think About When Planning a Hen Party

It is traditional for the chief bridesmaid to organize the hen party. After all, the bride is busy planning the wedding and if she has trusted you with that all-important job of chief bridesmaid, you probably know her better than anyone else except her groom. It can be a daunting task to plan a party for someone else though, so here are some of the things you need to consider.

The Guest List

It is okay to enlist the help of the bride for this one as you probably won’t know all of her friends and family. Get the names of all the people she would like you to invite but also get an idea of how she knows them and their ages too. Bear in mind that you will need to think about all tastes and ages as well as that of the bride to have a truly successful hen night.

The Venue

You can overcome the issue of having to cater for mixed tastes and ages by holding a multi event party. This might sound like more of a headache, but there are companies that will organize everything for you.

It may be that you spend the day at a spa or learning to make cocktails before going on to dinner and then a night of dancing. People are free to choose which activities they want to do depending on their tastes and their budget.

Another popular idea is to have one party or day out for everyone the bride wants to invite and then a smaller weekend or getaway for a select few. That way nobody feels as if they have been left out.

The Cost

It is a good idea to ask the bride what sort of budget she wants to aim for with the hen night and try to stick to this. The bride will have an idea of what her guests will want to spend and be mindful of the fact that the wedding is costing her a lot of money anyway. It is quite popular for the hen night guests to club together and pay for the bride to have a great hen night, but it may be better to ask guests if they would be willing to pay before charging them.

The Style

Think about whether the bride is a sophisticated cocktail dress and heels wearing person, or whether she might prefer the fun of wearing a veil, sash and lol trophy wife socks. Once you have decided on a style, make sure all the guests know what it is so they can dress accordingly. You may even want to choose a theme.

Even though it is up to you to organize the hen party, don’t be afraid to ask for the bride’s input and preferences along the way. Whatever it is you organize, we are sure it will be well received by everyone who goes, and a good time will be had by all.

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