Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Pukhraj Stone

yellow sapphire, Pukhraj stone

Yellow sapphire, the stone’s radiant and sunny hues, has captivated gem enthusiasts for centuries. This exquisite gem, Pukhraj, is revered for its beauty and astrological significance. In this blog, we will delve into ten essential things one must know to ensure you make an informed and cherished choice.

The Yellow Color Spectrum

In general, sapphire jewelry has been trending as wedding or engagement rings. Out of the feminine pink and royal blue hues, the kanakapushyaragam stone is famous. Whether a center stone or an accent stone, this beautiful yellow-colored stone gains the spotlight. The main feature that attracts the stone to be an engagement ring or for astrological benefits is its exquisite color. The most preferred color of Pukhraj stone is the vivid yellow to orangish yellow. The yellow color of the stone is due to the presence of trace iron elements in the crystal lattice. The higher the concentration of this element, the more radiant the stone’s hue.

Unraveling the 4’Cs Of Pukhraj Stone:

Unlike any other gemstone, the four C’s of kanakapushyaragam stone determine one of the factors to consider while buying the stone.

The Subtle Color

Color is one of the most important factors when we buy a yellow sapphire stone. In general, these yellow corundum ranges from greenish yellow to orangish yellow. The preferred Pukhraj stone color is a medium, vibrant yellow. Though the price of Pukhraj stone is surging with time, owing to its popularity as an engagement ring or for astrological benefits, one should go for the right color only.

The Clarity of the stone

The common inclusions in yellow sapphire stone are tone with no inclusions is rare, and prices differ accordingly. The clarity grade of the stone ranges needles, feathers, tiny crystals, cavities and fingerprints. The natural yellow sapphire from eye clean, very, very slightly included, very slightly included and then slightly included.

The Incredible Cut

A perfect cut well reflects the radiance of the gemstone. A defined cut allows the stone to get a brilliant look. The gemstone’s surface reflects light and color if perfectly cut. The dramatic color of the stone gives an excellent look, making it a perfect buy.

The Carat Weight

The size of the gemstone impacts the purchasing of the kanakapushyaragam stone. What is the ideal carat weight of Pukhraj gemstone for astrological benefits? Wearing a yellow sapphire stone 5 ratti and 7 ratti is beneficial. The higher the stone’s carat weight, the higher its value.

Treatments and Enhancements:

Yellow sapphire is a gemstone belonging to the corundum family and is known for exhibiting bright yellow hue and excellent Clarity. The natural yellow sapphire stone is of the highest quality and rare. The standard enhancement process involves heating treatment that amplifies the color and Clarity of the stone. The heat treatment of the stone involves heating the stone at a high temperature and then slowly cooling down to prevent cracks.

Origin Matters:

Buying a yellow sapphire stone online also considers the place from where they are sourced. The famous places where kanakapushyaragam stone is obtained are Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand and Australia. The Sri Lankan yellow sapphire stones are of excellent quality, followed by the Burma yellow sapphire stone.

Astrological Significance of Pukhraj Stone:

The other names of yellow sapphire stones are Peetamani, Guru Ratna, Pushkaraj Stone and Pushparagam stone. Among the nine precious gemstones known as “ratnas,” yellow pukhraj is the most coveted, as it is associated with the planet Jupiter. This influential celestial body is believed to bring wisdom, wealth, abundance, and overall well-being. The gemstone is connected to the throat chakra, located near the spine. Unblocking this chakra uncovers the creative side of the wearer. This stone’s health benefits relate to relief from thyroid disorders and immunity disorders.

After getting an insight into the benefits of yellow sapphire stone, the question arises: Who can wear Pukhraj stone? Students who desire strong focus, knowledge and concentration should wear this yellow-hued stone. Individuals in the teaching profession, advocates, writers, and artists are apt to wear this stone. Individuals with weak Jupiter placement in the birthstone can also wear a Pukhraj stone after consultation with a qualified astrologer.

Price Factor for Pukhraj Stone:

When buying a yellow sapphire gemstone online, it’s essential to consider the 4’C’s, which categorize the stone’s pricing. Navratan, the online gem bazaar in India, offers high-quality Peela Pukhraj stones with vibrant hues and exceptional clarity. Whether you seek this exceptional gemstone for jewelry or astrological benefits, it is essential to find the natural stone as it will provide maximum benefits. The price of Pukhraj stone also depends upon the origin of the stone. Thus, Sri Lankan yellow sapphires are considered quality stones. Apart from this, always ask for a certified yellow sapphire stone only. This ensures the stone is authenticated and original. Explore our exquisite selection of radiant gemstones at Navratan and find the perfect one for you!


To conclude, before purchasing a kanakapushyaragam stone, it’s crucial to consider factors like authenticity, quality, color, Clarity, origin, certification, and price. Verify the gem’s legitimacy with reputable sources, prioritize quality over size, exquisite color and clarity, and insist on proper certification.

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