Thoughtful Bridal Shower Gifts

bridal shower gifts

When one of your friends or family members is getting engaged or married, there are different presents you can buy. Nowadays, bridal showers have become more popular, which are a way of giving something extra to the girls before the special day. It would help if you did not worry because the following are simple but thoughtful ideas for the bride-to-be before the wedding day.

Bridal Party Robe

The bridal party robe can be important for the wedding day prep. You can opt for a luxe satin robe for your sister, best friend, or auntie. Make sure it’s extra special by embroidering it with the bride’s name and the wedding date. Also, ensure it’s customized with the colors of the wedding palette.

Scented Candle or A Spa Treatment

Traditionally, since most bridal showers were about offsetting the dowry cost, the bride-to-be got gifts of jewelry, and money which played the role of helping the bride-to-be set their marital homes. However, modern bridal showers tend to be about the bride nowadays. In this case, you can get awesome gifts like scented candles, or you can take the bride-to-be to a luxury spa.

The bride may need a facial, sauna, or massage, which can be a thoughtful idea. A spa treatment can also be considered ideal for reducing pre-wedding stress. In this case, you can opt for home-based treatments or look for a pampering voucher.


It may sound strange, but the guestbook can be used on the wedding day, and in this case, you can go for an audio guestbook since it’s a fun way for the guests to leave some voicemail messages at your friend’s wedding. With the guestbook, the wedding guests will offer their wishes while celebrating the wedding day. Your friend can keep it for years and cherish the memories.

Marble Ring Holder

The couples that will be getting married soon may need a place they will store their rings, maybe when cooking or even bathing. Since there are different modern marble ring holders, there is no different way to do it.

Get A Just Married Cookbook

You can get your friend this cookbook during the bridal shower since it’s among the perfect gifts that will inspire lots of dinners and date nights. Since the book has different information from grocery shopping to entertainment, it has special recipes and tips which can get referred to in the coming years.

Home Portrait

It can be perfect for couples going to wed and have bought a home together. You can consider a watercolor portrait for the new house. The bride-to-be can know how thoughtful the idea is, as you can also opt for a digital version that you can frame and print or get in a rustic wood frame. It would help if you keep their home decor in mind when deciding the frame type.

Customized Kitchenware

There are chances your ideal bridal shower gifts are half pretty when looking at them or half practical. Then if that’s the case, customized kitchenware can be perfect. If the bride-to-be loves spending most of the time in the kitchen, then it can’t go wrong. You can pick a rustic wooden chopping board that comes with a personalized touch.

You can also customize it by adding the family name of the couple or the initials of the couple. You can consider the one made with acacia wood since it can be ideal for accessorizing a kitchen or bar, chopping, and serving as a gourmet cheese display.


Cash or gifts can be among the first things that come into your mind when planning the bridal shower. Since people prefer money as their wedding gift, the same can apply to the bridal shower. There are cases where you may not land to an appropriate present from the ideas given above. Then giving cash is okay, and you can find a cute card, write a sweet note congratulating the bride, and place the cash inside.

Home Welcome Mat

It can be considered a piece of decor that many people may overlook. It doesn’t matter if the couple already possesses one because bringing a mat with the new family name is great. The couple can take the mat with them anywhere if they shift houses and you consider the one made with ink to avoid peeling under the sun.


You can buy the lingerie or consider a voucher if you’re not so sure. In this case, you can try sneaking on the size of the future bride as it can be a fun present that can get used during the honeymoon.

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