Three Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

We are all familiar with the difference the right song or musical score can make in a Hollywood movie. A scene we might otherwise sigh at or sniffle over, suddenly gets us gushing. Suffice to say, music is powerful stuff. Magical even.

How then can you and your partner ensure you get the right wedding singer or band for your big day? Below are three top tips.

Why Have Live Music?

Music is a traditional component of a couple’s big day, it is such because of the power music has to bring people together and express what words alone cannot. Then, live music can add to your big day a truly special touch After all, there’s a reason (there’s a myriad of reasons, in fact) why despite buying that CD or album download, we still fork out for tickets to see our favourite performers ‘in the flesh’.

Because most of us cannot afford to book our favourite famous band or singer to play at our wedding, the ‘wedding singer’ or band steps in to perform renditions of the songs that mean the most to us. What those songs might be, whether a contemporary number such as Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’ or classic composition such as Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’ is a matter of personal taste – and the question you need to ask yourself and your partner.

 What Type of Wedding Band / Singer?

Equally as important as the songs you choose to have played during your big day, is the decision as to what type of live music to have. The options are so vast, from rock bands at ‘after dos’ to string quartets at ceremonies. How then can a couple identify what is right for them?

One simple way to explore the options available is to take a few moments to do some online research. Searching online allows couples to do their research from the comfort of their own home and without the pressure of overbearing sales people or the likes influencing our thinking.

Agencies such as offer an invaluable resource. If you visit them online you’ll see instantly that their website features a band hire search tool that allows couples to pick from an extensive list of genres, locations and other variables in order to find the perfect solution to their bid day band or performer(s).

Music for Ceremony Reception or Party?

Another consideration when deciding whether to incorporate live music into your big day is how and where. As the well known Devon wedding singer, Ollie Stephens states: ‘I’ve noticed that many of my clients hadn’t considered hiring a live musician during their wedding ceremony. Not at least until I’d asked the question. When we think of live music at a wedding we normally think of maybe a harpist in the afternoon and a band between 9pm and midnight.’

Ollie, being a professional wedding singer, attends and works a lot of weddings every year. Hence, he sees, experiences and knows about what he’s talking about. The point he makes is not simply that couples fail to sometimes realise the broad scope of options made available to them through opting to book some form of live music, but the importance of finding a singer, band or musician(s) with whom you can build a rapport.

Being able to talk in-depth and openly about what matters to you and your partner with a potential band or singer is imperative. After all, this person or people will be privy to the biggest and most special and intimate day of your life. Hence, picking the right band or singer is not just a matter of finding a great voice or musician – it is a matter of finding a great person or people. And what makes a musician great? Often, it is experience as much as talent.

As Ollie further and confidently explains: ‘most couples tend to opt for a tear-jerker on their entrance to the ceremony; then two maybe three similarly slow, touching numbers during the signing of the register and a jolly number to take you out of the ceremony. Almost every song that I’ve sung during the ceremony gets shortened to a verse and a chorus to make it fit in time with the bridal march or the signing of the register so you’re not twiddling your thumbs waiting for me to finish a four-minute ballad. It’s best to keep it short and sweet!’

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