Three Unique Ideas For Transforming Your Wedding Reception

Whilst most things wedding orientated are determined by logistics, taste, budget and / or guest list size, there are an infinite amount of ways to add unique flourishes to a wedding day by making imaginative, innovative and original choices when it comes to wedding must-haves such as centre pieces and music. To prove that point, here’s just three ways in which wedding day staples (of even the least romantic kind) can be turned into fairytale realities.

(Re)Mixing Wedding Music

Hiring live music to accompany your walk down the aisle or kick off your after party might not be a unique idea, but there are a number of ways couples can put an original twist on their wedding music playlist, and here’s just three of them:

  • Make use of a band hire company’s services, such as those provided by Band Hire UK to find a unique band or wedding musician.
  • Put a personal twist on all your all time classics or chosen wedding song by having a classical musician such as a harpist or quartet play instrumental renditions at your ceremony or reception.
  • Dispense with the idea of a DJ at your after do or break up a DJs set with the addition of a live band.

Fancy a Festival?

For any couple dreaming of or already decided upon and so planning a festival themed wedding, a truly unique touch that will also add a bit of fancy which is sure to please even the mother in law (as well as adding some function to the festivities) is to go upscale with facilities by investing a bit of time and budget into hiring bespoke washrooms provided by Event Washrooms.

Whilst there’s a myriad of alternatives (thankfully) to ending up disappointing guests with dreaded port-a-loos, the bespoke range offered by Event Washrooms are by far the most swish, offering couples the added extra of colour schemes, themes and even adding the addition of bespoke artwork.

Spell It Out…Literally

No matter the size of your venue or budget or the colours or style or theme you and your partner opt for, this is one idea so versatile it means every couple can add that little touch of uniqueness and originality. To their big day.

Light up lettering, such as that provided by Light It Up UK might not be in itself a unique addition at a wedding, but what you choose to light up or use light up letting to illuminate is entirely up to you and your partner. Hence, the only real limit is that of your combined imaginations. From coded number sequences referring to bibles verses to sentiments such as those spelled out in ‘text speak’, for example ‘4 eva’,  to translating your love into the language of emojis, Light It Up UK can help you to achieve it. What is more, Light It UP UK offer bespoke services as well as standard letter, number and symbol combinations so you and your partner can get as creative as you like.

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