Tips and Tricks for Achieving Smooth Skin

Achieving soft skin doesn’t always seem easy, but everyone wants to look perfect for their wedding. Jot down tips and tricks for achieving smooth skin.

On your wedding day, you want to radiate beauty and be the face of perfection, which requires some prep work. Taking care of your hair and skin makes it easier to ensure you look even more radiant than you already do. We’ve listed the tips and tricks for achieving smooth skin that every bride needs to know!

Have a Healthy Diet

Planning a wedding is demanding, and all that stress can lead to some cravings. While sugar and greasy foods satisfy your taste buds, overindulgence isn’t great for your skin health. Remember that a healthy diet is about balance, so one cookie won’t hurt, but several cookies can. Natural fats, like those found in extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and avocado, have antioxidants that are great for your skin. So try balancing those treats with a healthy snack.


Avoid telling yourself you can’t have specific foods. This doesn’t work, and you don’t want to binge the week of the wedding when things often feel the most stressful. Instead, develop a diet and workout plan that you can stick to!

Always Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin from the dangerous UV rays released by the sun, and a sunburn isn’t the glow you want for your debut down the aisle. So strive to apply facial sunscreen anytime you go out; after all, UV rays are still present on cloudy days. And if you often forget to apply sunscreen but regularly wear foundation, buy a liquid foundation with SPF included.

Stay Hydrated

You need water to nourish your body and the cells within it. Drinking at least 64 oz of water daily helps your body flush out toxins and keeps your skin hydrated. No amount of skin-care products can replace the natural effects that staying hydrated has on our cells.

Follow a Skin-Care Routine

Most skin-care experts advise you to wash your face in the morning and at night, but that’s not the end of your routine. In addition to cleaning, you should moisturize and create a schedule for applying skin masks. Consider doing clay or charcoal masks twice a week if you have naturally oily skin, but if it’s dry, then apply only once a week. These skin-care masks dry out your skin, so doing them too often will lessen the amount of moisture you have in your skin.

In addition to this, you need to remove dead skin cells. You can do this through microdermabrasion facials. This treatment exfoliates the top layer of your skin, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells and leave a smooth appearance.

Don’t Sleep in Makeup

As we said, planning a wedding is a lot of work, and sometimes, you may feel so exhausted that removing your makeup is a chore. But leaving your makeup on increases the chances of clogged pores, leading to a breakout.

Save some self-pampering for right before bed so that you can decompress. Add removing your makeup to this routine, and apply a serum and moisturizer afterward to keep your skin hydrated. By taking care of your body and following these tips, you can ensure you have smooth and glowing skin on your special day.

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