Tips and Tricks for Event Planners: Minimizing Stress and Boosting Productivity

event planning

Marketers and event planners are aware and know too well how stressful their life can be. Planning a conference, planning an event for a huge crowd, an event where you are supposed to present your company, products, services, etc. That isn’t easy. Even the most seasoned event planners sometimes have to take a breather and step down. In order to reduce the chances of that happening to you, take a look at some tips and tricks that will help you deal with stress better and boost your productivity.

Time and workplace organization

Efficient work habits are the basis of productive event organization. Plan ahead and be wary of everything. Structure your days and keep your desk clean. Never forget to make breaks every now and then. You have to take care of yourself, plan out your time and stick to the routine. Only then will you have extra energy and good focus. And that’s essential if you want to see good results. Of course, always dedicate a part of your day for the unexpected. Last minute requests are the biggest treat to good productivity. Be prepared for that.

Event planning software

Considering that technology has never been more accessible, it is only wise to take advantage of it. The vast majority of people have PCs and smartphones. Use your PC and your smartphone, install event planning appsand make your life less stressful and lot easier. There are apps that do spreadsheets that actually reinvent the whole concept. That is really good for planning the budget. Software tools can help you manage your budget, time, collaboration with your team, the offerings are numerous. There are even apps for schedules. You name it, there is an app for it.

The issue of being proactive

You can’t be in two places at one time. That is impossible. But doing two things at once, that is acceptable. However, split the workload whenever you can. Fulfilling as many requests from your clients as possible is always the top priority. However, always seek assistance from your partners. If you’re planning an event, always gather a team of people you trust. Allocate workload equally. Doing it everything on your own is possible but it’s too difficult and the odds of you making mistakes are pretty high. Split it and reduce stress. Help yourself by seeking help from others.


Whenever you are planning an event, stick to your budget. Create a budget (spreadsheets) and never slip into the red. As it is mentioned, technology (software) is there to help you. It is at your disposal so take advantage of it. Also, work out a contingency plan for your budget. Don’t let anything surprise you. So, an additional 5 to 25% serves as a great safety stack.

Always go for a reliable venue

Having issues with your selected venue oftentimes causes 90% of the stress event planners suffer. The location makes or breaks your stress level. Okay, going for unique and nontraditional venues provide your attendees with unique and nontraditional experiences. However, no matter how exotic you want to go, always go for a venue that is safe, trustworthy and easy to deal with. Venues that have amenities in the names of catering, lighting and seating really help you out a lot because they automatically shorten your own to-do list. Less stress, right? That’s the aim. And when you don’t have to spend time thinking about these details, you have more time to focus on other things and do them better.

Last-minute changes

Organizing an event means working with numerous stakeholders such as sponsors, consultants and talent. Expectations have to be set ahead with each so that you avoid a drop-dead point for potential changes. Be clear with vendors, make sure that they can’t back out after a certain date. That’s what penalties are for. You can’t allow yourself to make a loss. Of course, they happen sometimes but do everything to discourage them. Protect yourself with penalties and your head won’t hurt.


Achieving good results, meeting your company’s expectations, making your events awesome, that’s what you need to aim at. However, nothing matters if you hurt yourself along the way. Remember, help yourself by making your job easier. Easy but efficient.   

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