Tips for better communication in relationship and marriage

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We want to spend the rest of the life waking up together and cuddling on Sunday mornings. But sometimes, as in all relationships there can be communication issues and that is totally OK. We are all familiar with how communication plays and important role in a relationship, so here are some tips to help you improve yours.

  1. Listen to understand

Many of us listen just to reply and protect our opinions and ego. But, in order to make your relationship from Cambridgeshire singles a functioning one, you need to try to understand your partner, and likewise. Sometimes we get to blocked by our own perceptions that we fail to understand partners point of view. This doesn’t mean letting them be the way that’s not good for your relationship, it simply means understanding the way they feel and starting from there. Both parties need to try to understand how the other feels, because it is all about companionship, and when there’s no mutual understanding, there is no communication.

  1. Ditch the defensiveness

Many of us feel attacked by what our partner has to say. Sometimes we know they are wrong, and sometimes what they say Is true, we just don’t want to admit it. As a result, we get defensive. The trick here is to calm down and ask why our partner from Lincolnshire dating feel the way they feel. Remember, collaboration instead of ego battles. Understand the differences between you and take it as your uniqueness as a couple, not an opportunity to feel underappreciated.

  1. Open up and be honest

This is a big deal, OK? Sometimes we decide not to tell how we feel in order to avoid confrontation or because we know how our partner will react. This leads not only to pent up feelings that will have to explode somehow, but to further misunderstanding. It is important to open up your date from London dating and tell our partner precisely how we feel. We have to learn to share our thoughts and feelings, be honest, because that is a base of every good relationship.

  1. It takes two to tango

In the end, it takes two people to build a relationship. Find a partner on Manchester dating. If one partner is constantly trying to be the one to communicate and address issues, and the other one is just nodding and casting problems aside, it is time to let the quiet partner speak their mind. Communication has to be mutual, based on both giving and receiving. The communicative partner has to stop being the only one communicating, and the quiet partner has to learn to open up. Because no matter how much we know our partner, telepathy exists in movies only. If you don’t have a date yet visit Lancashire dating.

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