Tips For Buying A Properly Fitted Engagement Ring

engagement ring

Do you know how an engagement is supposed to fit? So many people have their rings sized inaccurately, and in reality, engagement rings need to fit comfortable and higher up on the ring finger. The last thing you want is for it to be too loose and risk it falling off. Alternatively, you don’t want it to be too tight and cause her pain by nearly cutting off circulation.

Try some of these suggestions to make sure it fits over the knuckle easily and sparkles beautifully.

  • Find out the size of the ring your fiancé wears. If she knows about the upcoming proposal, this is easier, you can just ask her or bring her with you to Diamond for Less jewellery store in Toronto Canada to look at rings and directly get fitted herself.


If it’s a surprise proposal, you have a few options. You find a ring that fits her perfectly ON THAT FINGER and bring that to the jeweller and they’ll use it as measurement. If she’s a deep sleeper, you can also measure her ring finger with a piece of string and bring that string to the jeweller, and they’ll be able to convert it to a size. For example, on a European Scale, 15 mm equals a size 15 ring.


  • Work with an experienced jeweller. They’ll have the best professional equipment available. They often begin by using sizing rings to measure your ring size. These are examples of various sizes, and they come in different widths, which is important. If you choose an extremely narrow band, you might need a smaller size versus a wider banded ring, because it takes less room on your finger. Wider bands often need a more comfortable fit, so consider ordering the ring in a size 1/4 larger than an everyday ring. Once you’ve picked the proper ring size, you can view their selection of engagement rings.


  • Pay attention to your knuckles and your finger shape. If you have long fingers without a prominent knuckle, watch that the ring glides on easily but fits snugly without being uncomfortable. If your finger bulges on either side of a ring, that size is too small as there should always be breathing room between the top of the ring and your finger. However, if you have large knuckles, this gets a little trickier because you need your engagement ring to fit over it but not become too loose by the base of your ring finger and spin all around.


  • Get your ring sized for comfort. Remember, your fingers are puffier in the morning and in the heat, and shrink when it’s cold so aim to get your ring size measured when the temperatures are stable.


Even if your engagement ring feels too tight or too loose at the beginning, we recommend wearing it for several days to see if you get used to it as it’s just a matter of a “feel”. Otherwise, there are reputable jewellers who will be happy to assist and resize it for you.

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