Tips for Buying Gift Baskets Online for a Wedding

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You may be struggling with what to get someone important to you for the holidays or their birthday. Or you may simply need a quick and easy solution for welcoming your new neighbor or attending a special event. Whatever your case is, going with the good old gift basket is never a bad idea.

In this day and age, you can send a gift basket full of delights right to someone’s doorstep. And you can arrange it online, from the comfort of your home. The handy tips below will help you do just that, at the touch of a button.

Tips for Ordering the Perfect Gift Basket Online Every Time

A gift basket from Bundle and Twine isn’t just a fancy bucket full of soaps or fine wine. There’s more to choosing this classic neat gift than most people realize. Let’s get the ball rolling with the following nifty tips for buying a perfect gift basket:

1. Set a Budget

Setting a budget will help you save money without skimping on a wonderful gift. When estimating a gift budget, take into account who you are gifting, the number of recipients, and how much you feel comfortable spending.

2. Know Your Giftee

You don’t need to know everything about your giftee. But it’s good to know what they like and dislike, and what they also may have an allergy to.

3. Consider the Occasion

Is it a holiday, a birthday party, a fundraising event, or a welcoming party? Knowing why you’re sending a gift basket can help you get the grasp of your present with ease.

4. Pick Gift Basket Items

Gift baskets may feature a vast array of special items, ranging from food and gadgets to gift cards and more. Adding a little variety into the mix is very thoughtful, as it makes your gift basket both fun and memorable.

5. Determine Gift Basket Size

Finding the Goldilocks gift basket may seem impossible. But thankfully, retailers are one step ahead of this predicament. Many offer a wide range of gift basket sizes to choose from.

6. Decide on the Arrangement

We can’t always fill a gift basket to the brim. Adding some tissue paper or basket stuffers, however, can be very helpful. You can also get creative and artfully arrange the items for a richer presentation.

7. Choose a Good Retailer

You need to assess the retailer’s reputation, customer service quality, their offers, and more. Some retailers work with charities and buying a gift basket from them can help you make every purchase more meaningful.

8. Check Terms of Delivery

Checking delivery dates and fees helps ensure your gift arrives on time, intact, and without any hidden fees. Perishables may require extra handling and expedient delivery to stay fresh. Some gift baskets may be subject to customs restrictions, which you need to check beforehand.

We hope our tips for buying gift baskets online have been useful and will help you get the right gift basket for your needs!

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