Tips For Choosing Bracelet And How To Choose The Size Of The Bracelet


Women and men liked to always wear pieces that help them reaffirm their social position. Today bracelets are one of the elements that emphasize elegance and that everyone can afford.

However, there are different types of bracelets for every occasion. An important aspect to keep in mind is the job you do and the type of clothing you normally wear.

Think about the activities you will do during the day. For example, if you spend your day working at the computer, choose to buy leather or mesh bracelets or flexible materials that do not bother you when using your hands. The bracelets with stones or rigid elements. in their case, they should be reserved for other moments of the afternoon, where they do not bother you when carrying out an activity and do not have to do any manual work. You can find various jewels at

As for the choice of material, this can go according to your taste. Precious metals like silver are naturally very beautiful. They offer a view that other materials perfectly never imitate and the finesse of certain models make them look beautiful. For these models there are no limitations, they go with all the postures and all the styles. When buying online bracelets you can also find bracelets with semiprecious stones, these models also fit well with all styles. These wristbands immediately attract attention and always give a slightly exotic look. Nothing more pleasant for this season than wearing multiple metal or leather bracelets with assorted colors or mono color.

The size of a women’s or men’s bracelet will depend on your wrist tower, or the one to whom you offer the multi-layered bracelet of costume jewelry.

Measuring your wrist size is something simple, if you know the operation by a ring size, for a bracelet we will have to proceed in the same way for its measurement, but instead of measuring the finger we will measure the wrist turn. For that, provide yourself with one meter of dressmaker. Whenever you go to look you must think about your size, it is important that you first measure the wrist and then you will be ready to choose the bracelet you want the most and the one that suits you best.



  • To determine the size of the wrist, you can follow one of these two methods.
  • Both options will give you an accurate measurement of the size of your wrist.
  • Measure the size of the wrist with a flexible tape measure, just below the wrist bone, where the bracelet is usually placed.

You can wrap a blank strip of paper around your wrist, just below the wrist bone. Mark with a pen or pencil where paper overlaps the wrist. Measure the paper strip with a ruler.


On each page of the product you can find the width of the pendant and the length of the available chain. Please select the size of the length of the chain that is closest (1 above) to the length of your preferred chain.


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