Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

choosing wedding favors

Having a hard time deciding on the perfect favors to hand out at your reception? We’ve detailed key tips for choosing wedding favors your guests will love.

Over the years, giving wedding favors has gone from a common tradition to an optional choice for couples. Although you don’t have to give these out, favors represent a token of your appreciation—a thank you to your guests for their presence and contribution to making your wedding day special. Delve into our tips for choosing wedding favors your guests will love.

Evaluate Your Budget

Wedding favors can range from simple to extravagant, and it all comes at a price. Determine how much you will spend per favor and stick to that budget. Remember, your wedding favors are just a small part of the budget, and you don’t want to overspend.

Talk with your partner and decide what’s important as you evaluate your budget. Do you want to splurge on a few high-end favors or have more affordable options for all your guests? Wedding favors should reflect your and your partner’s personalities.

Make Your Favors

You could DIY your favors if you’re creative and don’t want to buy generic gifts. For instance, you may look into how to make candle wedding favors to create something unique for your guests. Making your candles allows you to incorporate scents that you and your partner love while giving guests something practical.

Alternatively, you could make treat bags for guests packed with your favorite candy or snack food. Likewise, some couples make potpourri for their guests. Your budget and imagination are the main limits to what you DIY as a wedding favor.

Offer Delicious Options

Everyone loves free food, and wedding guests are no exception. You can offer your guests something edible as a favor, such as a jar of jam or honey with customized labels featuring your name and wedding date.

Moreover, some couples give their guests sweets such as chocolate. Review the many decadent types of chocolate, including white, milk, dark, and ruby, ensuring you choose the best flavor or flavors for your guests.

Ditch Personalized Favors

Personalized wine glasses, shot glasses, and matchbooks were popular at weddings for years. Often, these items have the couple’s names and wedding dates printed on them. While this is sweet, most guests are less inclined to use these items after the wedding. Some guests even leave this favor behind at the reception.

Rather than personalize the favor to you and your partner, make it more personable for your guests. Add a small note with the guest’s name and a thank you for coming.

Consider What You’d Want

The final tip for choosing wedding favors your guests will love is to put yourself in your guest’s position. Ask yourself what you’d rather have. Would you want a shot glass with your friend’s anniversary date on it, or would you prefer a tasty treat or object you can use every day? Asking yourself these questions makes it easier to detach from your wedding and give guests something that captures your appreciation.

Remember to have fun with the process and make your favors a reflection of your and your partner’s unique style! After all, these gifts are an important part of showing gratitude for their presence on your special day.

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