Tips for Couples Who Want to Cook Together

cook together

When it comes to connecting as couples, doing activities together is the perfect opportunity to bond and be intimate. One of the most fun activities that couples can do to become closer is to cook together, but since everyone cooks differently, it is ill-advised to go into it blind. Below, we have listed some tips for couples who want to cook together and avoid arguments about what to cook and cooking methods so they can get down to preparing a tasty meal and being together (which is the main goal).

Plan the Cooking Session Together

Going into the kitchen and asking each other what you feel like cooking is not a great way to start the cooking session. Instead, sit down, set a date for the activity and plan what to cook. It is always best to experiment and try a new recipe, something that will get both of you out of your comfort zones so they can learn and communicate more during the cooking process. The benefit of picking something together is that both of you will be invested in the upcoming cooking session.

Make One Person the Sou Chef

In order to avoid any stepping on toes, one can be the sou chef. That way, everyone can concentrate on their own tasks and not worry about what the other person is doing, trusting that they will get it right. To immerse yourselves in the role, you can get some chef apparel. For example, the “head” chef can purchase coats made for executive chefs.

Music and Wine Are a Must

Even though the point of the cooking session is to bond, it would also help to lighten the mood a little with some music and bubbly. It doesn’t all have to be romantic songs, a playlist full of fun or danceable songs can do the trick. Imagine cooking while dancing to something like “Particular” by Major Lazer; that sounds like a lot of fun.

Have Some Snacks Nearby

Since this is more than just a normal cooking session, it can take a long time before anyone sits down to eat. This means having something to snack on while cooking can eliminate any hunger pains that can hasten kitchen time that is meant for bonding.

Be Romantic

This one is a big one. As the cooking is taking place, don’t forget to be romantic. This means flirting, chatting, kissing, holding hands and hugging. For this to happen more often, pick a dish that takes time to simmer so you can enjoy each other’s company and be intimate.

Don’t Forget to Clean Up

This is the least fun part of the whole session, but it has to be done. Plus, doing it with someone you love after having a great time makes it less painful. If both of you are doing the dishes, one half can wash while the other one dries them. If it turns out that one person is doing all the dishes, the other one can stand next to them and chat as they sip on more wine.


With these tips in mind, couples can surely have a good time cooking together. When it comes to building a deep connection, making a meal together and sharing it is one of the best activities that couples can do.““

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